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Bizarre rituals/superstitions?

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notpastaagain Thu 16-Mar-17 19:48:13

Does anybody else have any bizarre rituals/superstitions that suddenly kick in when you are IVFing?

I've been through a fresh IVF cycle and spotting magpies suddenly became very important to me. If I only saw one magpie, it was a bad omen and of course meant the IVF was doomed to fail ("one for sorrow, two for joy" etc). Subconsciously, I would then be looking out for more magpies throughout the day, feeling a wave of relief when seeing more. I'm not at all superstitious normally! Having been through a FET recently, the magpie spotting began again in earnest.

Also, during the first cycle, I found a plastic lamb farmyard toy on a river walk that somebody had left in a crack in the wall by the footpath. It was spring and I immediately took it to be a positive sign of new life. I have to admit, I've still got the little lamb - I keep it in my wedding ring box.

Has anybody else got similarly strange tales to tell...

closephine85 Thu 16-Mar-17 20:19:42

I count the magpies too! Particularly 3 for a girl, 4 for a boy... clearly if I see those numbers then that is my month and that's what I'll have!

I also have a gem stone (carnelion? I think) given to me on a fertility yoga course. I keep it in my coat pocket and if I put my hand into my pocket I have to hold onto it for a few seconds before I take my hand out again.

Mine are not exclusive to ivf... I do them every month in the vain hope of a miraculous natural conception too!

Although when in Greece for our ivf round I did make a bead bracelet made with beads I bought from the flea market and kept it in my wallet. Decided if I took it out the round wouldn't work. I didn't, it didn't and for some reason the bracelet is still in there...?!

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