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I'm desperate, depressed, sick & tired

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GimmeSomeLuck Tue 14-Mar-17 23:14:07

Just got another BFN.
Just had another 2 hour cry to DH.
Now looking at going abroad to have IUI/IVF.

I'm 26
TTC #1
TTC 19 cycles, 12 cycles confirmed ovulation.
All first line fertility tests have come back normal (bloods/semen/ultrasound)

Is there even any point of waiting to go to a fertility clinic over here? I'm in London, I assume they'll just re-run tests & tell me to keep trying until I hit the 3 year mark?

Has anyone been abroad & found it better?

I'm desperate, depressed, sick & tired.

All I want is my longed for family.


Londonjam Thu 16-Mar-17 09:13:54

Gimme hang in there. I'm London too and TTC 1. We've been trying for 15 months with no luck. Its horrendous I really do sympathise.

We got referred to the NHS after TTC for one year. Saw the consultant last month and he said he will refer us for IVF at next appointment (we have slight male factor). The waiting list for IVF is 6-8 months in my CCG.

In the meantime I'm researching private options including overseas. Have a read around the overseas IVF threads there is some really helpful info. I'm looking at Serum clinic in Athens now - just emailing them and discussing options made me feel better.

You have options. Stay strong 💪🏼

Blueroses99 Thu 16-Mar-17 09:29:24

You won't have to re-run tests unless they are out of date (which I don't think will be a problem for you, most tests have to be within 2 years). I am aware that there is at least one CCG in London that requires TTC for 3 years, but most are less - mine is 2 years and you're not far off that. That applies only to NHS however, if you were to go private though, they wouldn't ask you to wait. Private clinics also have additional tests that they might suggest that are not routinely available on NHS.

I have no experience of going abroad but appreciate it is much cheaper. I got my BFP from a private clinic in London.

It's hard to stay positive all the time but don't lose hope xx

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