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Period changes after hycosy/HSG?

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meadowlark3 Fri 10-Mar-17 18:23:06

Hi gang - did you have changes to periods after your hycosy or HSG? I had mine two weeks ago and AF came one day late, but is only brown spotting for the past two days. I am usually bang on 28-29 days with a predictable normal flow. My consultant said he wasn't able to see either of my tubes on the hycosy and it was very painful. He also saw a 24 mm follicle (day 16) and said I would ovulate any minute. I had some bright red bleeding the day of the procedure and nothing after.

I have had a negative pregnancy test so not sure what else might be happening. Maybe the hycosy wiped out the lining that should be coming out now? Or maybe I ovulated late or not at all so I'm just having a breakthrough bleed?


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