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DHEA and testosterone levels

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spinduffy Wed 08-Mar-17 06:26:10

I'm approaching my 3rd IVF in April/ may time. Both my previous cycles have shown a poor response and I've only had 2 eggs. Consultant wasn't opposed to me using DHEA, so I've been taking 75mg daily for 6 weeks. My GP rechecked my day 3 bloods and testosterone is 2.7. Fertility consultant didn't seem worried, but I wonder at what level does testosterone level have an adverse effect on egg quality?

Goodthingscome2those Wed 08-Mar-17 07:07:08

Hi spinduffy, I'm going to start my third cycle possibly around June time and I'm also a poor responder so I ordered some dhea which arrived yesterday. I read online most people take 3 x 25mg a day, mine are 50mg per tablet so took one last night and one again this morning. Do you think this is too much? It did cross my mind that I could be over doing it and make things worse confused. Are you taking any other supplements? I've been taking CoQ10 from boots but not sure it's the right one as apparently there are two types?
Wishing you lots of luck with your cycle and it'll be interesting to see if this makes a difference! X

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