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PCOS tips on TTC taking Metformin & inositol

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Gummybearxo Wed 08-Mar-17 01:52:50

Hi ladies I was hoping for a bit of advice, I have PCOS and was diagnosed Dec 14, my partner and I are ttc have been from August 16 just started taking metformin and have inositol powder as I haven't had a period since coming off contraception. Has anyone got any more tips or advice? My doctor wants me to wait another few months before referring me to a fertility specialist as he can't prescribe clomid which I thought was strange too as he did agree I will probably have problems ttc due to what I've told him about my symptoms, he's just told me to continue with taking metformin and was advised to take folic acid along with it. He also told me to buy contraception ovulation kits to try & track my cycle as I told him i notice my CM changing around once a month but I don't have a period at all. Any advice would be great! X

bananafish81 Wed 08-Mar-17 23:05:48

Ovulation kits are rubbish if you have PCOS as they often give false positives due to high natural levels of LH which is the hormone that the sticks detect. So some women with PCOS will get positive OPKs all the time but never drop an egg

My gynaecologist says it's important to take provera or norethisterone to induce a bleed every three months to reduce the risk from unopposed oestrogen.

bananafish81 Wed 08-Mar-17 23:06:47

CM can also change as the body can try to ovulate but then not be able to

Getting periods doesn't mean you're definitely ovulating.

But not getting periods means you definitely aren't!

Gummybearxo Thu 09-Mar-17 04:36:48

Thanks bananafish81 I'll ask my doctor about provera, hopefully I won't need a referral for that too! I thought that not getting a period ment I'm definitely not ovulating too but my doctor says that's not the case, it's so confusing you hear so much conflicting information from different GPs.

Seahawk80 Thu 09-Mar-17 04:43:15

Hi OP, I thought the same when my Dr prescribed metformin, my sister also has pcos and was prescribed clomid, I was like why can't I just have that but my dr said try it while you're waiting for the referral to the fertility clinic. I'd been trying for 6 months and after 2.5 months on the metformin I got
a bfp and I'm currently 5 months pregnant so it's worth a try!

Always take the metformin with food and try to avoid too many carbs and rich food, I found that limited the side effects. Good luck!

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