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How do I stop feeling jealous?

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user1488917281 Tue 07-Mar-17 20:42:18

Right, my sister has recently given birth to her first baby, terrible labour and lovely baby.

Thing is, me and DH have been trying for baby no2 for 4 years now and to be totally honest it's breaking my heart. We've got an amazing 5 year old but I can't help feeling like something is missing.

Went to meet sisters new baby yesterday and while I felt happy and excited the jealousy and pain was just unbearable.

What do I do now? I'm thinking of completely distancing myself from her but feel that's too harsh.

toffeepuddin Tue 07-Mar-17 21:25:42

Hi OP. I can't give you any advice cos I can't control my jealousy and bitterness either, just wanted you to know your not the only one. It's natural.
Ive unfollowed and not spoke to so many people who have had pregnancy announcements. I love my nephew but I'm jealous of my brothers gf who had got pregnant after 5 month of being together and here I am 2 years on.
It's horrible, what your feeling is natural. I suppose we have to try and tell ourselves it's not their fault were having problems conceiving flowers

SilverLinings2014 Wed 08-Mar-17 08:02:59

You don't op, and you don't need to. Nor do you need to justify, apologise or feel guilty for being jealous.

Your feelings are perfectly normal and just as valid as your sisters happiness. Try to accept them and, if you have a close enough relationship with your sister that you feel able to, explain to her that whilst you're happy for her, you are sad for yourself and your situation and that you want to keep your distance for a while so she can enjoy the baby without worrying about how you feel. She will understand...well she might not understand having not been in your situation, but she should respect your decision. flowers

MrsBipolarWine Wed 08-Mar-17 08:19:14

Thank you for your messages.
Going to distance myself for a little while. She too got pregnant after being with her boyfriend for 3 months which plays a big part in how I'm feeling too I think.

So relieved to know it's normal to feel like this, Ive been feeling like a right cow!

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