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MC - when to try again?

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notpastaagain Sat 04-Mar-17 21:41:36

We have just been through a FET and, although we got a BFP, unfortunately had a MC at 6wks. We have one more frozen embryo and I'm already wondering when we could look to try again, as I'm approaching 40 years old and feel like we may need to go through another full IVF if the next chance doesn't work.

Does anybody have any experiences of this? Either trying again straight away or deciding to wait? Any advice would be welcome.

Scottishgirl85 Wed 08-Mar-17 12:37:15

So sorry to hear about the MC. Have you talked to your clinic about when you can start again? Good luck and hope you're looking after yourself x

flumpybear Wed 08-Mar-17 12:51:29

I often fell pregnant easily after a miscarriage - perhaps it's worth a try naturally?! I've never had IVF but did have trouble conceiving and lots of miscarriages so have only partial experience here - good luck!

notpastaagain Thu 09-Mar-17 20:20:34

Thanks for the replies, Scottishgirl85 and flumpybear. I met with my consultant on Tuesday and she wants us to wait one full cycle before trying again, so it's just a waiting game now (as always).

I did read about women becoming more fertile after a MC, so perhaps it's worth trying in the meantime. After one fresh IVF cycle (where we were lucky enough to get a little girl) and a failed FET, trying to make a baby through conventional means seems like an alien concept!

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