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Why is this cycle so much worse?

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patientlywaiting1234 Sat 04-Mar-17 13:34:06

Hi all,

I had my third embryo transfer today after two previous NHS cycles at a different clinic. I now at the London Womens' Clinic.

In my first NHS cycle the clinic were overly cautious with the stims drugs due to my high AMH and we got 5 eggs; 3 fertilised and all 3 went to Day 5. Second cycle we got 9 eggs, 6 fertilised and 3 got to Day 5. This cycle, we got 17 eggs (only 13 mature), 8 fertilised and only 1 got to Day 5. We transferred a 4BB blast this morning. The embryologist said that there are two more that might be so growers and he'll check them tomorrow, but the doctor seemed quite negative and indicated that they expected more to be blasts.

I don't know whether I am getting things out of perspective, but I feel absolutely gutted. I feel like this cycle hasn't gone as well as the others and I totally expected it to go better as we got more eggs.

Has anyone else experienced this or had blasts by Day 6 before? Any ideas why some cycles don't work as well as others? I feel absolutely wrecked... maybe it's just the drugs and exhaustion...

Isthismummy Sun 05-Mar-17 08:13:39

Hi op,

I can't offer much practical advice as I haven't even had first cycle yet, but didn't want to leave your post unanswered.

Have clinic given you any reason as to why they think it might be? Perhaps it is just one of those (annoying) things?

At least you have an embie on board thoughsmile So I would look at it from point of view that you've gotten to transfer, so therefore cycle has been as successful as it can be so far. Try to take the doctors negatively with a pinch of salt if you can. I swear doctors on this country are trained in lowering expectations at all times!

How did your other embies get on? Any to freeze?

SanFranDreaming Sun 05-Mar-17 16:42:27

Hi patiently,

This exact thing happened to us on our third cycle. With our second we had 7 mature eggs collected, 2 made it to top quality blast. We only managed a chemical pregnancy.
So with our third cycle, with slightly increased stims, we got 14 eggs. Lots (can't remember exact number) were lookig good at day 2 so they were happy to go to blast. We got 1 CC blast and 2 morulas. We put 2 back and the morula did not make it to freeze.
Despite the cycle being clearly worse, we got a BFP but unfortunately miscarried at 5+ weeks.
I think there is often no rhyme nor reason, sometimes embryo quality better than other.
I don't have the answer for you, but we are about to do round 4, but I absolutely hate the rollercoaster of waiting for the embryology phone calls.
All the very best with your journey. Good luck with the dreaded 2WW, I have everything crossed for you.

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