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Help - semen analysis results. What are our options? :-(

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anniemay123 Fri 03-Mar-17 22:44:54

We had a meeting with the GP a couple of weeks ago and they told us that my husband has 0 sperm count - he had undescended testicles and only had the operation when he was 9 :-(. We've been having a very difficult year for many reasons and this felt like just another thing to worry about. ,y husband was devastated.

The gp didn't really explain the results or seem to understand them herself and she was unwilling to say what our option for fertility treatment would be if any - I know she isn't an expert so I guess she didn't want to give us inaccurate information.

The semen analysis test results said 0% for the sperm count but also counted 20 sperm with healthy structure and motility.

What does this mean? Do we have any options for fertility treatment at all? Has anyone had a similar experience?

Any information anyone has would be so appreciated.

Thank you so much

meadowlark3 Sat 04-Mar-17 00:35:43

Sorry you are going through a hard time. I am new to this but I think you should be offered surgical sperm retrieval and ICSI to give you the best chance of having a biological child. Are you on the NHS? If so, ask your GP for a referral to infertility services ASAP.

Isthismummy Sat 04-Mar-17 06:49:33

I second a referral to infertility services asap if your Gp has not yet offered this.

Surgical sperm retrieval and Icsi would seem the most likely thing in your case.

Good luckflowers

anniemay123 Sat 04-Mar-17 14:10:33

Thank you very much - I hope this is something that can be done. I feel hopeless and I know it will be a long wait before we know - fingers crossed things work out.

Isthismummy Sat 04-Mar-17 17:25:16

Go back to your gp asap and ask for that referral. Depending on your area it might not take as long as you think. Myself and dp were diagnosed and are now just about to start IVF within just over six months.

MollyHuaCha Sat 04-Mar-17 17:29:22

Surgical sperm retrieval doesn't sound pretty - my dear friend had to work hard on her husband to get him to agree to thisconfused. BUT, it was minor compared the invasive intimate procedures women have. They now have two gorgeous DC. Wishing you both lots of luck x

geeup Mon 06-Mar-17 17:05:10

Hello. I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't have any relevant experience in what you're facing - my DH has a goodish count but poor morphology. However I would say if you can afford to, book into see Dr Jonathan Ramsey, the UKs leading urologist (Google him). I think we paid £200 for our first consultation (and then more for DHs extensive SA and blood tests) and it really helped us understand our options. He specialised in surgical retrieval I think. Good luck.

MrsDarcy4092 Wed 08-Mar-17 06:10:16

Hi, we have male factor infertility too ang if they found 20 sperm that might be enough for Icsi without surgical retrieval.
We heard about dr Ramsay and the gp referred us to him on NHS but have to be honest we didn't really rate him. He had medical students in with him when we saw him and he spoke to them about us rather that to us. He tried a drug Called tamoxifen on my dh which initially worked so he discharged saying we are welcome to go back if needed but when we had another sa which showed the tamoxifen had stopped working we contacted him and he was very disinterested.
I only say this as I had read such wonderful things about him we got our hopes up when actually the ivf clinic we go to specialises in male factor infertility and have been far better. And as you know the reasons your dh has infertility I think your best going straight for icsi personally.
I just want to say hearing the news is devastating so allow yourselves time to grieve. But the positive is male factor can be very straight forward to deal with due to icsi and it's positive to know your reason for infertility.
Definitely make sure your gp refers you to fertility clinic.

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