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Tips Long Protocol - Re: IVF/ICSI

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CrazyButterfly1 Wed 22-Feb-17 11:59:48


As we have male factor infertility issues. I have been informed I will be doing the long protocol with Buserlin injections and then Gonal F.

I feel scared and worried and do not have anyone to really speak to about this and after reading various information.

I thought if you do no mind I would ask for Tips from those who have undergone IVF/ICSI and what I should be or should not be doing during this period.

Would you ladies be kind enough to advise please.

Many thanks in advance x

Blueroses99 Wed 22-Feb-17 22:00:39

I had the same protocol. Your question is quite broad but my top tips are as follows:

Drink lots of water while down regulating, the Buserelin is very drying and it's easy to get dehydrated, headaches etc.

Take the drugs at the same time everyday.

Eat lots of protein while stimulating the follicles on Gonal F.

Gonal F is in a pen so it's one of the easier drugs to administer but it means you need to calculate the correct doses when you finish one pen and start another.

I believe that acupuncture immediately after ET helped get my BFP, but I know that not everyone is convinced by it.

Join a cycle buddies thread on here. There is a March/April board already but join the relevant group for the month that you are starting. Support from those going through the same thing at the same time is invaluable.

For a good overview of the IVF process, I recommend reading Get a life; IVF his and hers story. Contains a lot of useful info.

Try to relax. Stress won't impact the process but equally it is easier day to day if you can stay calm.

Good luck xx

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