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Hsg test been done day cd24??

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Myalterego1 Mon 20-Feb-17 11:48:18

Hi there was hoping. Someone could help so some background had tubal reversal done jan 6th .. had Pap smear done this cycle day cd16 (was just due for one so wanted done before hopeful pregnancy) and Surgeon has me booked in for hsg test this Friday to check if tube repair was successful my concern is from
Looking up hsg everyone seems to have early in cycle and seems to be incase of early pregnancy now we were told to bd when ever we wanted or felt up to it hadn't bn told to abstain... we did bd on day 13/14 and now wondering what we should do don't no what chances of been pregnant would be esp having had smear done too .. what is everyone opinion I've tried to ring surgeon but getting no reply yet

Myalterego1 Mon 20-Feb-17 18:42:31

New to this site so don't know if this is in right section/topic

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