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Heavy Bleeding 4/5 days after transfer

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PetiteChouette Mon 20-Feb-17 10:01:42


I was looking for some advice...I had a 5day transfer of two blastocysts and one early blastocyst last Monday (13th). Following transfer, I was on baby aspirin, cyclogest (400) x 3 a day, clexane and 10mg prednisolone. Thursday night I started feeling some cramping and had a little brown spotting on Friday. By about midnight on Friday it started to look a bit heavier and by Saturday morning I was bleeding very heavily. I spoke to my clinic and they told me to up my cyclogest to 4 a day and stop the clexane and baby aspirin, to try to stop the bleeding.

This didn't help and I've bled very heavily all weekend. Now the clinic want me to go and have a scan and a progesterone blood test.

To be honest, I'm wondering what the point is...I can't see what good it will do at this point. I'm not going to be pregnant after the bleeding I've had.

I'm actually in France this week and am having to try organise a private scan and blood test and it's a bit of a nightmare to be honest and I can't see the point.

Do I really need to go and do this...? Am I right that there's no hope?

Any advice gratefully received.

PC x

AngelicaSchuyler Mon 20-Feb-17 11:34:21

Hi there, so sorry you're going through this hugs.

It could be a number of things - maybe one or two of the embryos may still be there?

I've bled early in every single transfer so I really sympathise, but it's usually 8 or 9 days after (usually the day my period would be due) - your bleeding does seem very early. It could be implantation bleeding (which I've heard can be heavy) but it's so hard to tell as all the symptoms are the same as bloody AF symptoms. I spent so much time googling bleeding during the tww and you'll find a million stories for either outcome unfortunately 😕

It may also be a progesterone issue, but it's really positive that your clinic want to test for it. Mine ignored my concerns that I wasn't absorbing progesterone from the pessaries and it's only now I'm doing a private cycle that I've been able to stamp feet and demand injections instead.

Sorry, I'm not sure I've been much - just wanted to hand hold xx

tigerdog Mon 20-Feb-17 12:33:50

At a recent consultation with a new clinic who reviewed my history, the consultant was of the view that early bleeding can also be caused by high levels of estrogen that can be present on a fresh cycle. Apparently if you have a very thick lining before transfer, estrogen levels could be very high and then a crash post EC/transfer can cause early bleeding. This happened to me on my second cycle. Are your estrodiol levels being monitored? I would want to ask about that.

Fingers crossed for you in any case xx

AngelicaSchuyler Mon 20-Feb-17 13:22:11

That's really interesting Tiger (sorry to crash the discussion) - I've always been fobbed off with 'well early bleeding does happen to some women' angry.

PetiteChouette Mon 20-Feb-17 13:22:42

Thanks Angelica and Tiger.

I personally think it's probably low progesterone, as I was having issues with the cyclogest suppositories. I had urogest (200), last time and I made all through to past my test date with no issues.

I will mention estrogen though...however, there were some concerns about whether my uterus lining was thick enough to go ahead with a transfer the Friday before my EC on the Wednesday, as it hadn't increased in 48 hours (5.6mm)...Three days later, it was fine at about 8.3mm.

Anyhow...I suppose I need to get on and have scan and bloods done. Although I'm feeling like it's too little too late for this cycle. It's just rubbish feeling like you're flushing money down the toilet...literally. ☹️

Ah well. But thanks so much for the advice and hand hold.

PC x

tigerdog Mon 20-Feb-17 19:45:11

It was the first I'd heard of it Angelica. My previous cycles were NHS and I saw a range of doctors with no consistency, and I can well imagine they didn't spot it. Doing a FET instead of a fresh transfer overcomes the issue, so could be worth considering.

My previous clinics tested progesterone a day or two after transfer (roughly a week after progesterone was started) - perhaps you could ask for that to be done on a future cycle PC, if this one hasn't worked. I'm sorry you're going through this all, bleeding early on a cycle is gutting.

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