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BFP and low progesterone

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littlemissanname Sat 18-Feb-17 17:53:44

I'm hoping to find someone that have had a similar experience to mine, been quite a stressful week.
Me and DP have been TTC for 4 years now, and we have just had our 3rd transfer this month.
I had 2 Frozen embryos transferred on the 6th. On the 15 th I finally had the much longed for BFP, it was very strong and came up within seconds. Unfortunately the happiness didn't last long, as later that evening I started cramping and bleeding. Had been spotting with mild cramps for the past few days, it now it started to be more like period cramps and bleeding. As so worried, we went to EPU as clinic suggested. They did an early scan but couldn't see anything, would only have been at 4w +1, so didn't expect much, could see the lining there still. However my bloodtest showed a hcg of 258 and a progesterone of only 10. This is now 3 days ago, I'm feeling very tired,which could be emotional as well as anything else, but my nausea is getting worse. I have to wait until Thursday to do next test and contact clinic if it's still positive.
My question is now if anyone else have had any similar experiences and if it is possible that I might have had a miscarriage one one but another one is still there?

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