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Ovarian cysts and fertility

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linzielemie Sat 18-Feb-17 10:52:16

Hi all,

Yesterday I went to see my gynae consultant about a cyst that's growing on my right ovary and he's decided it's big enough (99mm) to be operated on. He said he'll do his best to preserve the ovary but I need to be prepared for it coming out.

Problem is the left one has already been removed following a 19lb cyst that was growing on it back in 2012.

My partner and I have been TTC for nearly two years and now I feel completely hopeless.

I'm hoping to hear from other people who might have been in this position as I spent the majority of yesterday crying thinking I'm not going to have children.

toffeepuddin Sat 18-Feb-17 11:56:51

hello linzie I'm afaird I'm not in the same position and got nothing productive to say, but I didn't want to read and run.
I have polycystic ovaries, 30+ on each. Have you asked your consultant about your future fertility? even if you have no ovaries, you can always go down the IVF route with donor eggs if needs be. Chin up, wait and see how the minor op goes.

greenpeatea Sat 18-Feb-17 21:48:33

Hey there. I've had cysts removed. Do you know what sort of cysts they are?

Welshmamma Fri 24-Feb-17 09:40:41

Can they not retrieve some eggs just in case?? Xxx

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