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Really low sperm count, confused and scared

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setayharas Sat 18-Feb-17 10:09:41

I'm sure this has been covered many many times before, but I'm really new to this.
Myself and Dh have been ttc for 5 years, within this time Iv been referred for gynaecologist test over and over again for ovarian cysts/endometriosis we always assumed that my pain was the cause of our infertility.
Cut a long story short. After begging to change our tact and be referred for infertility instead of seeing yet another gynae we have got our first set of results back.
My 2day bloods are fine (as expected as I have had these over and over again) however Dh has a sperm count of 1mil morality of 40% no idea of the rest as there were too few to test.
This is a huge huge shock, just wasn't expecting this at all. Our doctor has told us that IVF is our way fowArd but as it seems our first referral to the specialist was lost we are back waiting for an appointment.

Really and truly I am just confused, Dh is now taking fertilsan m daily, eating as healthy and cutting back on alcohol.

Is IVF our only option? Is there any point in carrying on our monthly ttc with these numbers? After 5 years I'm at breaking point and can't handle the constant bfn's if we really have no chance of any positives.

If ivf is our only option do we go straight onto the waiting list for it? We will have to have years of testing and waiting first? I am so confused and as we are both 30 and this is our first child feel like Iv left it on the late side to start this journey.

Sorry for the huge post, I know that nobody really has the answers as everyone's journey is different. But if anyone has an advice I would much appreciate it.

Thank you

blue2014 Sat 18-Feb-17 13:04:31

It depends how you feel about keeping trying. It's perfectly possible (it only takes one of those million sperm) but realistically your chances are reduced. My DH was around 2 million, I got sick of trying month after month and paid for private icsi instead (was very lucky, first round worked) . I would also suggest taking coenzyme 10 (both of you)

As for waiting, if totally depends on your NHS trust. Mine was a nightmare, they tested DH then insisted on running me through all the tests I'd already had with 8 months between appointment times. I hadn't been seen for my follow up appointment by the time I'd given birth to DS! However I'm sure loads run really smoothly - maybe google the fertility clinic in your area.

blue2014 Sat 18-Feb-17 13:05:21

Oh and not to late at all - I'm 38 and DH is 50. You're still young even if you don't feel it right now

Littlefish Sat 18-Feb-17 13:14:46

Dh had similar figures to yours and we were told that ICSI IVF was our only real chance of success. However, after 2.5 years ttc, and the month before we were due to start treatment, we conceived naturally. Dd is now 12. We never managed it again, so dd remains our only medical marvel and miracle child.

Oh, and to add to dh's problems, we found out when dd was about 9 that I had a massive cyst on one ovary which had probably been there for about 10 years and almost certainly meant that I only had one working ovary when we were ttc.

blackcherries Sat 25-Feb-17 14:03:10

We were also shocked to have low sperm count when ttc our second child. IVF seems like a huge shock but it has the best odds so after getting over the shock (and cost - no NHS treatment for us!) I say bring it on! You are young and have lots of time on your side but I'd say get started/get into the system as soon as you can, you'll have loads of time to get used to the idea and/or change your mind and/or conceive naturally. Make sure you ask your GP all your questions and don't be fobbed off.

I would still carry on ttc but please try and take the pressure off yourselves, we found once we had these results it did take the pressure off in a way as if it failed we knew it wasn't because we were doing it at the wrong time or anything like that.

Low sperm count is really common btw, male factor accounts for a large proportion of IVF/ICSI.

setayharas Mon 27-Feb-17 22:57:11

Thank you all for your replies and the positive stories. It's strange how calm DH is with everything. Got a 2nd SA this week so hoping we might get some more info after. Then just a case of waiting for our referral to come through.
Really wish we hadn't waited so long to push for this route, but will be glad once we are moving forward.
Taking a couple of months off ttc really for our sanity than anything else. 5 years of insane poas, think it would be nice to not worry about it for a few weeks.

But really thank you all xxx

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