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Waiting for IVF referral - any one else?

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sk1pper Sun 12-Feb-17 22:45:12


I'm finding it difficult to know where to belong right now. I've been TTC #1 for 16 months, have had my initial fertility tests including ultrasound, bloods and HSG (all clear) and now I'm just waiting for my follow up appointment in April so I can start the referral process for IVF.

I'm finding it hard being on the conception forum, but don't really have anything to share with those who are going through the difficulties of IVF right now.

Does anyone else want to join me whilst we wait for the next stage of our journey?

ScottishThistle123 Sun 12-Feb-17 23:47:04

Hi Sk1pper It is rubbish that you find yourself here but you have come to the right place. You are not alone. Im in the exact same place as you are right now but i have been TTC a bit longer. My DR wouldnt refer me untill i had been trying 18 months and i have now been TTC for 2 years. Although nothing to share with those currently going through IVF about the process of IVF it is good to listen to experiences you would be supprised just how much in common you will have the ladies on here are lovely. Im expecting to be put on the waiting list for IVF hopefully in March i think the wait is about a year so i have still a while to wait yet. Im in the unexplained catagory too.

maplebaby Mon 13-Feb-17 08:56:27

Hi OP - sorry you find yourself over here but everyone will know exactly how you feel. Like Scottish says it is good to hear people's experiences and you learn so much, even if you feel you can't contribute much in terms of 100% understanding everything, your support is so appreciated. I'm also waiting to start IVF so am in waiting limbo. Have a consultant appointment in just over 2 weeks and then hoping to have my protocol appointment booked in after to be able to get going. Think it's likely March or April we will start. Much like Scottish we have been ttc just over 2 years and unexplained. Good luck!

meadowlark3 Mon 13-Feb-17 18:49:27

Hi Sk1pper, I'm in the same boat and share that inbetween feeling! We have been TTC #1 for 12 months. Had one miscarriage at month 2 and nothing since. I am going for my HyCoSy next week and hoping we get a boost from that, but also feeling hopeless and wondering if we need to consider life without kids. Consultant said she would give us a few months after HyCoSy and if no pregnancy, then we will go to IVF. It is not an easy position to occupy for any of us!

sk1pper Mon 13-Feb-17 19:11:33

Scottish - thanks for your reply. Do you know if there is a waiting list all over the country or only certain areas? I must admit, I've gone into every test and procedure knowing everything so far but IVF is a bit of an unknown for me. I need to explore the threads on here to understand just what it entails. I hope you get a surprise BFP in your year wait, it could happen!

Maple - thanks for your reply too, and all the best for March/April. The months will fly by. I hate this term "unexplained fertility" - I feel completely helpless. I've made some lifestyle changes but I've no idea if it's aiding or hurting me.

Meadow - good luck with your HyCoSy. Some people get BFPS afterwards, I hope you are one of those lucky ladies. I haven't been so lucky after my HSG but I still have 2 months of "clean pipes" and I can but hope. You wont have a life without kids, if your initial tests were okay then you've got eggs and are ovulating. Has your OH had an SA? That's all they need to make your beautiful baby.

ScottishThistle123 Mon 13-Feb-17 21:22:02

I think that in scotland it is up to a year for IVF on the NHS across scotland or at least that is what they aim for. I have my appointment to discuss being put on the list in march. It cannot come quick enough. Two years is long enough to wait.

What lifestyle changes have you made?

maple I hope the next two weeks go very quickly for you. Did you ever decide on the Scratch I know that you were thinking about it and never asked if you had decided to go ahead with it? smile

meadow Im sorry for your loss flowers . I know that feeling i too had a mcc but mine was 8 years ago at 12 weeks so i understand exactly how you feel. I left 6 years between my mcc and trying again because i was pretty traumatised. Im wishing you the best right now.

On the plus side I have heard that HyCoSy and HCG "Clear the tubes out and although horrible that could be what the problem is". So here is to hoping that it solves all of our problems much like you sk1pper i have 2 months left of "clear tubes" but im no gonna hold my breath. (Trying to stay possitive). Have any of you also had a LAP they can give you a much better picture.

Heres to hopeing for some BFP's soon. Good Luck.

Londonjam Fri 03-Mar-17 10:28:54

Hello can I join please?

We found out yesterday we have to have IVF plus ICSI because of MFI (low morphology). Both feeling pretty devastated.

We have to wait for the follow up appointment in May to be referred and then the waiting list is 6-8 month. The soonest we can start treatment on the NHS is thus December.

We're currently trying to digest it all and I'm starting to look at how much it costs to go private - both in the uk and overseas.

toffeepuddin Tue 07-Mar-17 21:38:31

Hi OP. Oh yes I remember the investigations/referral days hmmit seems like forever.
I got put on the IVF waiting list in November and got my top of the waiting list appointment at the end of January, depending on a test next week (fingers crossed), my EC date will be in May.
So mine has gone pretty quick even though it's absolute torture to wait!
I had hycosy and clomid privately so it did help me move things along. I would recommend anyone to gets investigations like hycosy and clomid privately before NHS. Saves a lot of time. Hang in there smile

miraflores81 Wed 08-Mar-17 12:36:51

I would second that toffee, wish I had got hsg privately as finally got to the point where I could book mine on NHS and the only day they can give me is day 7, and you can't do it if you have any brown discharge. (Which I didn't know) Unfortunately I often get this at the end of the period so I reckon I won't be able to get this done! Grrr!angry

Think I will have to end up going abroad for ivf as NHS take too long and would have to travel for the treatment anyway. As my NHS trust have outsourced treatment to a private clinic an hour away. If I wasn't 35 I would wait for my 1 free cycle on NHS, but feel I don't have the time. Feel v depressed about it all. Can't bear Facebook at the moment. Can't help thinking OH should've married someone else who could give him children sad
Do you ever feel like there are brick walls everywhere you turn...

toffeepuddin Wed 08-Mar-17 19:35:36

miraflores really? What a joke! I saved a lot of time getting my tubes tested privately. So when I got my nhs appointment they referred straight for IVF. So it hasn't actually been that long for me though it feels like a lifetime. And I too, feel so low about it all that I often feel sorry for my DP, he could be with someone and have a child by now. Ruins everything around you, can't be happy for no one

Flim Sun 12-Mar-17 18:32:09

Hi all, myself and hubby have our follow up appointment with the consultant Tuesday 21st March, all tests have come back so finally the referral can be sent for IVF, we've battled this for the last 9yrs, had 7 miscarriages, found out I have endo but not bad enough to be causing any damage, ectopic has left me with one knackered tube. Hubby has 3 boys all from previous relationship, feeling nervous as hell for what's to come xx

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