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HyCoSy instead of Lap and Dye?

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SummerHopin Sun 12-Feb-17 07:47:03

Hi there.

I have PCOS and have been on Metformin for a few months now with still no cycles.

Clinic are offering a HyCoSy scan as the next step before Clomid to ensure no further anatomical issues. It is a less invasive procedure but can identify the same problems.

Seems like a no brainer to me but wondered if anyone had any experiences or comments they could share please?


bananafish81 Sun 12-Feb-17 12:25:13

HyCoSy can identify tubal issues and may hint at uterine issues

It won't look directly at the uterine environment as a hysteroscopy (part of a laparoscopy) will

Only a lap can diagnose conditions such as endometriosis

A lap is the gold standard - a HyCoSy is a first step but isn't a replacement for either a hysteroscopy or laparoscopy

SummerHopin Mon 13-Feb-17 10:14:18

Thanks banana. Think I need to go back and ask more questions as don't want to have it for nothing if I'm only going to need a lap afterwards.

SilverLinings2014 Mon 13-Feb-17 11:53:26

Summer, the one benefit of HyCoSy is that you won't need a general anaesthetic and it can be done in a half hour appointment.

About 20% of women won't tolerate it though (me included, was horrifically painful). You might still need a lap & dye as well/ instead but even that might not give you answers. I ended up needing an MRI after failed lap & dye due to a rare uterine abnormality. When I queried why they choose surgery first over an MRI the consultant said 'it's cheaper to bring you in for day surgery than give you an MRI' hmm

CanISayOfHerFace Mon 13-Feb-17 12:03:56

I had both, the HyCoSy was clear but then as a PP said, you could have other issues which would only show as part of a laparoscopy so I had that too. In hindsight the HyCoSy was a waste of time and stress but it was offered to me on the NHS before a laparoscopy was discussed.

I could only have the lap on the NHS if I had it before IUI/IVF commenced so I did it to ensure I'd eliminated as many issues as possible, giving IUI/IVF the best chance.

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