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Blood after bowel movements 7dpt

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Belle82 Thu 09-Feb-17 08:54:20

I'm so sorry for the TMI post, but I need to ask as I still have 4 more days until I can test and I'm going out of my mind with worry. 😢

I had a bit of cramping on the 3.5dpt which on the 4th day turned into a bit of pink blood when I wiped.
I am praying it is just implantation bleeding, the clinic have upped my pessaries to 3 a day so now I'm on 600mg. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

But the problem is, when I go to the toilet for a no.2 in the morning sometimes I strain (only a little) but when I wipe I have a little bit of brown blood (and on one morning a tiny bit of pink blood) & generally won't get any for the rest of the day. 

Can I ask If anyone else has had this because I thought implantation bleeding was meant to stop after day 5/6. 
Sorry again for the TMI. x

Blueroses99 Thu 09-Feb-17 09:23:20

Are you taking the pessaries through the back door? I had some rectal bleeding and had to switch to taking the pessaries vaginally until it settled. Initially it was only on wiping so I thought it was spotting after IVF but then it became obvious that the back passage was irritated (even though I've used progesterone pessaries before without any problems). Could you have the same thing?

Belle82 Thu 09-Feb-17 09:41:19

Hi bluerose,
I am taking them all through the back door but unfortunately no, the blood is all coming from the front.
I'm not sure if I had a bit of implantation bleeding and some of it has not come out yet, which is why it was brown, do you think that could possibly happen? It's just the little bit of pink doesn't make any sense.x

Blueroses99 Thu 09-Feb-17 10:55:53

Try not to worry, I know easier said than done but unexplained bleeding is really common xx

Belle82 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:02:49

Thank you. You are right, I have 3 days left until I test.
These two weeks could send any sane person crazy x

Blueroses99 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:12:27

The pg boards are full of unexplained bleeding so try not to lose hope. Good luck for OTD xx

Blueroses99 Mon 13-Feb-17 09:16:58

Hi Belle, just wondering how you got on? xx

Belle82 Mon 13-Feb-17 11:58:20

Hi Bluerose,

I tested the day before otd, the otd and this morning. All absolutely negative, stopped the drugs yesterday and already come on properly now 😢😢 heartbroken!


Blueroses99 Mon 13-Feb-17 12:03:22

I'm so sorry flowers I remember how devastated I was by a BFN, physically, emotionally and mentally, with all those hormones flying around, and then had the worst period of my life. Go easy on yourself, give yourself time to get over it and have the WTF meeting with your clinic when you're ready xx

Belle82 Mon 13-Feb-17 14:43:40

Thank you bluerose, yeah I'm not looking forward to the bad period but I know it's coming 😢
Worst bloody valentines ever 😂
Anyway fingers crossed for the next one, I'm hoping I can start up again

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