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IVF in Scotland

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bigchangesabound Wed 08-Feb-17 22:07:05

Hi I am looking for recommendations for IVF treatment in Scotland. We live in the central belt so can travel to Edinburgh/Glasgow or even Dundee but I think Aberdeen will be too far.
It would be private treatment as already have 1DC (IVF/ICSI conceived). Also we have some frosties left over so would be hoping to use them.
We used to live down in England, which is where our first IVF occurred and also where our frosties are being stored at the moment. Options are to either get them transported up here or do all the initial stuff up in Scotland and then go down for transfer. Would obviously discuss options with clinics but if anyone has any advice on that too that would be good.
Thank you

user1486924887 Sun 12-Feb-17 18:48:46


I also live in central belt of Scotland. We are currently going through treatment at the Assisted Conception Unit which is based at Ninewells, Dundee (about an hour from Stirling). Although we are referred through fertility clinic at Forth Valley- they do also take private patients. Our experience so far has been amazing. All the staff are very positive, lovely and available to answer any question. Our Embryologist there has worked at 18 different private establishments in London and says that Dundee had some of the best equipment he had seen. You can check out their website for prices of you search Assisted Conception Unit, Ninewells. smile

Hope this helps, any more questions I can help with please just ask.

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