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Donor Eggs

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Gparker85 Sat 04-Feb-17 11:27:56

Dr told my partner she needs donor eggs for ivf this was a shock for both of us.

My partner says if she could use her own eggs and donor sperm she would. But she does not want to use donor eggs and my sperm.

I'm having trouble understanding this... she tells me to leave her for someone who can give me what I want but I don't want anybody else I want her.

isthismummy Mon 06-Feb-17 15:10:16

Has your partner been given a reason for why DE have been suggested OP?

I'm very sorry for you both. I was told in November that I have amh of 1.7 and DE would be our best chance to conceive. We've got one NHS cycle using own eggs, but after that who knows.

Your partner is likely in a world of turmoil right now and not thinking clearly. Been told something like this shakes a woman to the very depth of her core. It might be many weeks or longer before she can think rationally.

For now I would advise no pressure and don't take to heart too much of what she says. She may feel differently in a while, or she may not. It really is too early for making decisions though. You are going through probably the hardest test a couple can face so please be kind to yourselves.

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