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Want to start IVF - what shoukd I expect / any thoughts on Chelsfield Park hospital?

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Boiing Thu 02-Feb-17 21:07:05

Right - after 3 years of ttc, we need ivf. NHS has done a load of tests and scans and can't find anything wrong (other than I don't always ovulate). We already have one child so will be self funded.

Can anyone tell me what to expect? I'm not really sure how much it will all cost, husband has figure of £5K in his head but I'm pretty sure that would just be one attempt and people like me in late 30s should probably plan on maybe 3 attempts? Am I right that I should begin breaking the news to him that we should plan on making £15k available? I'm confused as I saw one advert (clinic looked reputable, but too far) offering 3 attempts for £6k.

And how hideous is it physically? Feeling pretty gloomy about it all.

If anyone has any views on Chelsield Park hospital that would be really helpful. Please tell me they do an amazing fixed fee deal!

blackcherries Thu 02-Feb-17 22:24:15

Hello, not trying to spam this board but just posted on a similar thread here:
That's three of us with one DC already who are self-funding. I'm starting mid Feb with the drrruuuuggs... our issue is low sperm count but all seems ok otherwise. Although pretty sure i didn't ovulate last cycle.

Katymac32 Fri 21-Apr-17 08:30:26

Hello, just spotted this post and wanted to say I'm in a similar boat. 1st was natural and pretty quick and now we are 2 years trying for second! It's a very frustrating and sad thing to go through xx
I too am looking at Chelsfield as it is very local to me but there just doesn't seem to be much online about it.
We did one IVF at the end of last year and it was a disaster! I ended up in hospital with OHSS and had to opt for a freeze all. Then when my frozen came in February they didn't survive the thaw! So it was all heartache really but at same time frustrating as we've never got to do a transfer. I was not monitored properly at all.
I'd say IVF was nowhere near as bad as I thought (OHSS aside) the needles were easy (and I hate needles!) egg collection was ok as I was asleep. I think prepare yourself for the emotional part. Take it one day at a time, don't plan anything major in those weeks.
The reason I'm looking at Chelsfield is id feel I wasn't quite one of thousands and I know now I should have had blood tests throughout and my dosage was far too high for my AMH. Also travelling up to London was such a pain and one appointment would take up a day!
If you hear anything about Chelsfield I'd love your feedback as we are thinking about going again the summer

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