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greenleaf23 Thu 02-Feb-17 09:08:46

In short, I've failed 4 cycles of ivf. We tried with fresh and frozen embryos. To my big surprise, nothing has worked for us. Our last chance is DE, how do you think is it a good idea? And where is the good clinic? Because we changed our and have no idea what to choose. thank you in advance

ShaunTgirl Fri 03-Feb-17 16:13:20

Hi greenleaf23
I had 2 failed IVFs 2015/2016 using my own eggs & we were encouraged to consider DE. At first I was a bit apprehensive that baby wouldn't really be mine but of course would still be my husband's. But that was short lived once we started on road to choosing DEs.
We are attending clinic in Czech Republic due to waiting list in UK & lack of anonymity of donor once child turns 16.
I provided photos of myself from last 20 years as well as height/weight etc.
My donor has similar hair & eye colour, weight & height and same blood group as me (this for some reason was important to me). She is also university educated.
Sadly my first 2 DE transfers were unsuccessful but we are having 3rd (& hopefully successful!) transfer in 2 weeks time. All I want to be is pregnant and I know once that baby is in my tummy it will be as good as mine!
I felt as devastated at 3rd & 4th failed IVFs (with DEs) as I did with 1st & 2nd failed IVFs (with my own eggs) so to me there is no difference.
Hope this helps

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 03-Feb-17 17:41:48

Bless you Also had 4 failed and it is heart wrenching sad

The 5th worked tho and I'm 32w

All were my own eggs and last 2 been fet but df and I did say that if this and others frozen failed we would look at de for one last try (I'm 43)

Clinics that get mentioned a lot for de are

Serum Athens
Gest and reprofit in think Prague
Ivf Barcelona
Ivi Madrid (where I went but used own eggs- used as 2hr flight so could fly in a day and back. Fab for fet (which would be like a de). Stayed over for ec)

I advise contacting the above 4 and then whet flying over to see them or Skype to see what feeling you get

Then as above posts - they will try and March a donor to your looks and obv blood group

You will do scans locally and fly over day on /before et

Good luck

I know several woman who used de and they love their child immensely. Don't even think about whose egg it was iyswim. They said once you see then feel baby growing all emotional feelings zoom in

greenleaf23 Thu 09-Feb-17 08:05:54

thank you, ShaunTgirl for support, may I ask you something? You said in Chezh, right? How did you find that clinic or you live near that place? Did you pay any extra money for consultation or medicine?
I'm afraid of ED ivf because what it won't work also? I know too many ivf is a big stress for a bode, I don't want to be devastated totally, how did you feel during stimulation? everything like oe ivf?

greenleaf23 Thu 09-Feb-17 08:11:06

Blondeshavemorefun, thnks a lot, I want to undergo de treatment nor far away from my country,
truly to say, my husband is a snob, he doesn't want to waste the money, so we would like to find any cheap option.
If it is possible with all needed services, because our last tries were so pleasant. I have any desire to fail again.
And what about egg donors, did you have a right to choose someone? Did that clinic has a wide database?

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 09-Feb-17 16:51:39

I checked with both ladies. Both did abroad.

No you don't chose someone. The clinic does. It's completely anonymous abroad.

They match your looks and blood group

Where in uk maybe diff as at 18 your child can seek out donor but don't think you have those details till the age.

Cutesbabasmummy Thu 09-Feb-17 20:41:27

IVI Alicante. They match your characteristics with a donor. We had a choice of two and chose the younger. It's also anonymous and donors can't be traced. I got pregnant on my second cycle and we have a gorgeous 2 year old son now. Would highly recommend the clinic x

ShaunTgirl Sun 12-Feb-17 21:11:37

Hi greenleaf23
Our clinic is Reprofit in Brno, Czech Rep. I came across it via reviews on internet and when I made a general enquiry they promptly replied and from there on wheels just started in motion.
After my first 2 failed treatments in UK I didn't want to continue with UK clinic for a few reasons (long waiting list for DE, very expensive, right of child to be given donor details & finally I had just lost faith in clinic and felt it was all about the money with them).
All initial correspondence with Reprofit was via email then I made contact with a UK representative for Reprofit and they liaised everything from there. I arranged private scan in U.K to check endometrial lining thickness & I was sent prescription which was fufilled from a London pharmacy (£100 Vs the £900 I was charged with UK ivf clinic on first attempts!!!).
I didn't pay a penny for consultations"/treatment until all arranged and plan put in motion.
I was originally put on birth control pills to synchs my cycle to donor then on hormones in run up.
We decided to make a small holiday of our trip and had an amazing week in Brno but of course sadly treatment didn't work:
But we are here right now and scheduled for FET later in week, I am keepingc my fingers & toes crossed we are 5th time lucky just like Blondeshavemorefun!!!
Hope this helps x

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 13-Feb-17 00:04:56

@shaun. I so hope your 5th works

Slightly late now as you are having the fet but have you had an era? Mine showed my Body responded better to extra day or two of progynova

We actually had a weeks extra as was away on holiday.

I always wonder if this is why 5th worked

Totally understand why you are using abroad. I lost faith in our uk clinic as well and yes cheaper over all drugs etc

And the reason the ladies I know who used de went abroad was the fact the donor was anon And would never be able to trace their child or vice versus

Although been very open to me about their treatment (as for talking
About my failed ivf 1&2) I don't think many people know and as far as gp in uk think it's her eggs

Or else on medical notes and preg noted. So they both said their own eggs when asked for ivf details

Cutesbabasmummy Mon 13-Feb-17 08:37:35

Blondeshavemorefun I'm not sure I quite understand your last comment but you should always mention to medical professionals if you have a donor egg pregnancy. This is because you run a much higher risk of pre eclampsia. They will monitor you carefully. In my case I was "watched like a hawk" to quote one Dr!

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 13-Feb-17 11:38:56

I totally agree. But these ladies didn't want any mention of it on their records so they didn't tell any one medically

Their choice. Not mine

Out of curiosity why is there more risk of Pre eclampsia with de then own eggs?

Cutesbabasmummy Mon 13-Feb-17 19:44:12

Blondeshavemorefun they don't know know why, it's just something they've picked up over the years. It also makes sense if like me you are an older mummy as they rake your donors age into account when assessing your risk of having a Down Syndrome child z

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