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IVF clinic recommendations in West Kent/ London

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Maranello4 Wed 01-Feb-17 14:34:32

Hello! I've recently been discharged from the NHS fertility clinic at Pembury as I've now taken 9 months' worth of clomid which resulted in one pregnancy but then I miscarried sad Because we already have a 3-year old son, we now have two options 1) keep trying or 2) IVF through a private clinic as we wouldn't be entitled to NHS funding. I will be 40 soon so will need to make some decisions on what next but it's likely to we'll go down the IVF route. We live in Sevenoaks in Kent but I work in SE London so am looking for IVF clinic recommendations in West Kent/ London areas. I know about CARE fertility in Tunbridge Wells having met Mark Wilcox through the fertility clinic at Pembury and would interested in anyone who used them, as well as other options or things I should take into account.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 01-Feb-17 17:10:13

Personally I lost faith in them. 2 fresh cycles and 1st one embryo out of think 4 at day 3 - failed

2nd 3 semi poor left by day 3 so said put all back as wouldn't survive freezing - failed

They didn't do icsi and tbh after going to a diff clinic for 3fresh as I didn't know any different I now know 3rd cycle clinic was much better in many things

Happy to message more info

Maranello4 Wed 01-Feb-17 18:04:16

Thanks for responding - do you mean you tried the CARE fertility clinic and lost faith in them - or more generally with IVF? My original post was looking for advice on clinics that exist in that part of the UK. Sorry for the confusion....! x

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 01-Feb-17 18:13:01

No with care. Mr W and mr rimmington? Or something like that

I live in Tonbridge

patientlywaiting1234 Wed 01-Feb-17 18:31:40


I've had two NHS cycles at CARE Tunbridge Wells and have now gone to the London Women's Clinic for more private treatment. I wasn't overly impressed with CARE, to be honest. They never tested my Thyroid level and when LWC did, they found that my TSH level was very far out of the range for IVF. My consultant says that, whilst we will never know whether this caused the failure of the previous two rounds of IVF, it could have been the cause and they should have checked it. Also, when I had spotting during my TWW on previous two rounds, they didn't up my dose of progesterone and the LWC said they should have and intend to have me on twice the dose as previously. Also, the embryologist told us to transfer two embryos... at 32 and with two 'top quality' day 5 embryos, this shouldn't happen and, again, the LWC were pretty shocked at that. Check out their success rates, too- the last time I checked, they were slightly below average. I'm not suggesting that LWC is far better than CARE as I don't know yet as I'm now on Thyroid meds before I can start another cycle, but I would avoid CARE.

Good luck!

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