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Consultant is even baffled at my infertile ass!!

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toffeepuddin Tue 31-Jan-17 19:43:11

I've named changed for this. I'm bafffled and so is my consultant...
All my preliminary tests came back fine. Tubes okay and ovulating.
I have polycystic ovaries but not the syndrome. My AMH level is 14.2 though my consultant says for a normal woman my age it should be 20 plus. For a woman with polcystic ovaries like myself, I should have a level of 37 plus!
I also have what it looks like to adenlosysis, tissue or fibroid on my womb wall. I have to have a hysteroscopy (camera) to identify this and have it removed.
My consultant however is still optimistic IVF can still work. Ive done my research and theres no cure for adenolysis and it causes miscarries and may not implant my eggs! He also cant decide what dose my ivf medication should me, as I have low egg reserve but doesn't want to over stimulate my cyst ridden ovaries! I'm on a downer and I just cant make sense of it. It'll never happensad

MTMFH Wed 01-Feb-17 12:02:30

Stay positive. I have suspected adenomyosis or possibly a fibroid, which wasn't removed before IVF, stage 4 endometriosis, one tube gone, one twisted round my ovary. Lots of adhesions. During our cycle, scans showed I had 10 follicles which actually turned out to only be 4 as 6 were endometriomas (blood filled cysts).Only two eggs fertilised and made it to day 3. Both were transferred. The result is asleep on my lap after a feed.
My best advice? Don't google! I know everyone says it but it only causes unnecessary panic, stress and worry. If your consultant is positive, focus on that and just try to believe it will happen. Take one stage at a time. I know it's hard, but good luck flowers

toffeepuddin Wed 01-Feb-17 13:07:34

Thanks for your response, Dr Google is definitely not help and has just made me panic but I couldn't help myself as I had no understanding of adenolysis. I'm having a hysterscopy the camera to have a look at my womb and then he said he'll go from there. I don't know if there actually going to remove anything in that procedure or its just to diagnose what it is. I'm so anxious as I don't want it to hold up my ivf but at the same time want to sort it out or the IVF might not work. My doctor said I can only have 1 embryo transferred sad

MTMFH Wed 01-Feb-17 13:14:56

I understand, I was the same. And our ivf was delayed by three operations so had to wait an extra 18months and it was so stressful. It's such a hard time so I can empathise. But remember - if you have to wait but end up being in a better position in the long run, it's worth it. 1 is all you need x

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