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Scared....pcos and uterine polyp

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Fedupd0tcom Sun 29-Jan-17 08:25:23

Hello everyone

I had an ultrasound the other day, having been sent following much spotting and a borderline smear test result. A uterine polyp was found and a thickened endometrium. Also my PCOS seems to have flared up. I feel heartbroken. Has anyone else had a polyp and been to have a baby after?

Blueroses99 Sun 29-Jan-17 12:37:11

I developed a polyp during the down regging phase of my first IVF cycle, so I had heavy bleeding and a thick lining. I had a hysteroscopy and polyp removal a few days later, and then started IVF again after my next period. That cycle was not successful but I've had 2 more cycles where I became pregnant. (I had a late miscarriage in my first pregnancy though unrelated to IVF or anything else, and currently 13w on my second pregnancy.) So yes you can pregnant after a polyp. Good luck xx

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