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Anyone with PCOS got periods back taking health complements + low ig?

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Almondmilk Fri 27-Jan-17 17:10:22

I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I am waiting for more informations as I had a blood test. Friends of mine who have PCOS and got pregnant advised me to go to a health shop where they received plants and complements treatment to help with their PCOS and get pregnant. In combination with a gluten free, low GI diet. I have stocked up fish oil, super greens, B12, D and multi vitamines and I have started the diet (not fun but it seems reasonable to me).

Has anyone tried that and got periods back+got pregnant, without taking any chemical medication?

Thanks !!

YouBoggleMyMind Fri 27-Jan-17 17:38:07

@danigrace did it! She had quite the list! I think she lists it on another pcos thread I'm on.

danigrace Thu 16-Feb-17 20:52:26

@Almondmilk sorry only just saw this post! Yes I did, takes a while to take an effect (can be 6 months before natural remedies start to work) but I got my bfp just before I was due to start the nhs treatments (dh and I had been through all the testing). This was my list:

COPY/PASTED from a while back:
"So diet-wise a protein-heavy rather than carb-heavy diet, no added sugars /artificial sweeteners/ additives / processed foods / alcohol / gluten / only live organic yoghurt as dairy / only odd green tea as caffeine. Supplement/extras-wise I've been having a protein shake each morning (natural stevia sweetened whey isolate) & add 1tsp inositol [great for insulin issues that studies show may be a leading factor in pcos]; 1tsp maca root powder [studies show boosts circulation & good for pcos]; 1tbsp freshly ground flaxseed [again been shown to help with pcos - stopped this one after ov, (1st half of cycle only)]; and I throw a fistful of organic leafy greens in there. Also take Pregnacare conception; a good quality fish oil; calcium supp; high dose vit d3 supp; a herbal tincture prescription that includes agnus castus (stopped after ov); tribulus tincture days 5-14 of cycle [small studies have shown it can reduce ovarian cysts and boost chances of ov in up to 2/3 of pcos women, animal studies also v. successful]; also evening primrose oil 3 times a day from cd1 - cd14 to increase ewcm. Also been doing yoga most days in my living room before we start work or after work as well as going for a 30 min - 1hr walk with DH on our lunch break & daily fertility self-massage with geranium or clary sage oil (stopped after ov). Adding a high dose vit B6 for the luteal phase.
Don't think I've left anything out (opps yes I did - magnesium! Which I use in oil format sprayed on skin for better absorption), apologies for the essay!!"

Almondmilk Thu 16-Feb-17 21:25:57

Hi danigrace et thank you so so much for your essay ;)

There are a few rules I have adopted already (dairy free, gluten free, coffee free, no non-natural sugar, no processed food, no red meat...etc...and I have bought some of the supplements you have suggested. But your list is much more complete!
---Did you stick to this diet 100%? I find it hard to not drink with friends (not often)
---How much fish oil did you take? I bought a great fish oil at a health shop and they advised to take 4 table spoon/day. I literally 'burped fish oil' all day so I reduced to two tsp a day.
---When did you feel that you ovulated?

I think my diet is pretty clean although I still need my dattes in the porridge...If I bake a cake I use honey and gluten free flour. I'm not losing weight which makes me think that my diet could be better. My BMI is 20.4 so I don't need to lose weight but I wouldn't mind ditching 2kg.
I should start to make smoothies to fit all the seeds and powders!

---Have you sticked to this diet since?

And also another question:
---How did you manage to not fight with your husband during this diet?? Mine gets so upset with the food limitations. His mum told him to tell me to just take the pill and when I want to be pregnant just get on medication to activate ovulation...Isn't it odd?

Thanks so much for your answers!!

danigrace Fri 17-Feb-17 19:39:23

Haha you're welcome.

- I did mostly stick to the diet, didn't deviate on sugar/additives other food stuff and made sure I was protein heavy which was one of the harder parts to adjust to bc I was definitely extremely carb heavy before (swapped bowl of rice lunches for salmon salad or similar etc.). I sipped the odd little mini port glass of red wine sometimes when DH opened a bottle but never had a full 'drink' if that makes sense. Nakd bars and the odd bowl of strawberries with "choc shot" on let me feel like I was still 'treating' myself.

- I only had 2tsp fish oil, 1 morning and one evening, and buried them under food!! It was the freshly ground flax and the evening primrose (a big capsule 3 times a day in 1st half of cycle only) I had mostly as oils.

- I started around March I think (properly) and got pg end of October, I ovulated around August then had a 'break' from all the herbs and supplements and everything regressed massively. Started up again, had a natural period, ovulated, and got my bfp. Also first time I ovulated I got a period 4 days later, that's when I introduced the high dose B6 (100mg) for the luteal phase.

- I didn't lose much weight if any (bmi 20) but did notice I looked more toned and shapely. You'll be eating similar calories but ones packed with oodles of goodness, don't focus on weight loss.

- I'm 17 weeks and have pretty much stuck to the diet mostly bc it's now become what I'm used to and enjoy, I had a bite of DH's twirl bar and it tasted like weird sugar chemical paste!! I did have a couple of hotel chocolat dark chocs at my Mum's which I wouldn't have had before, but this is the best diet for pcos by far (the hormone imbalance can lead to other issues in later life, not just the anovulation) so I figured if it doesn't bother me anymore which it doesn't, I might as well bc it's best for me and baby is getting pumped full of goodness (obvs not having all the meds etc. just a preg multi-vit, calcium tabs, & high dose vit D spray).

- I didn't limit my husband's food but he understood what I was doing and why. He had gf pasta if we had pasta dishes and he didn't notice, but apart from that he ate pretty much as normal. But he understood what I was doing and why and respected me more and more for it as time went on. I didn't make 2 different dinners, just variations - he enjoys creamy chicken and leek pie and I did me the chicken and leeks with veggies so just didn't take mine as far in the food prep. If he had white wine chicken I just took half the chicken/peppers/onions out of the pan before adding his sauce and had a bit of pesto or something on mine. I like to cook and can cook well so it was never really an issue. Some of the BOL pots (the new innocent veg pots) became a good lunch go-to for me when busy with work.

-- Also to your MIL you ave to have been off your pill and actively trying for a while before you'll get any meds, and he will have to go through all the testing too. If pcos ladies get pg by clomid/ivf the 1st tri miscarriage rate can be up to 50% but if you can manage to slowly get there naturally like this I read it's no more than the risk of a normal woman.

I'm 17 weeks now and 'touch wood' all seems great. I honestly never thought this would be me. I actually got a letter from the hosp 3 days after my bfp saying they didn't think we were good enough candidates for clomid and would discuss with us going straight to ivf!! So glad I got the bfp before the letter and not the other way around!

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