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Am I allowed to take buserilin and needles on the plane?

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Bibs2014 Thu 26-Jan-17 19:11:10

I'm going away with work for one night during down regging so will need to take my buserilin and a needles an syringe with me on the flight. Am I allowed to do this? Will I get stopped at check in?

JigglyTuff Thu 26-Jan-17 19:19:23

You need to have a letter from your consultant stating that they're prescribed and only carry what you need. Be absolutely upfront and open with them

Helenluvsrob Thu 26-Jan-17 19:22:26

Diabetics have no problem. Don't worry. Just carry lots of official info about it - take the drug in its box with the dispensing label and pack insert etc

Bibs2014 Thu 26-Jan-17 19:49:46

I'll be with colleagues - will they see and find out?

Blueroses99 Thu 26-Jan-17 20:01:00

Can you go through security without your colleagues? Otherwise I would guess they might see if security want to check labels, letters etc.

Bibs2014 Thu 26-Jan-17 20:25:15

I will try confused

Bibs2014 Thu 26-Jan-17 22:15:43

Any idea what I could say it is instead of IVF meds in case a colleague does spot it?

Polly99 Fri 27-Jan-17 07:25:35

I think buserelin is also used to treat endometriosis.

Get to the airport early, clear security before your colleagues arrive. Harder on the way home, but maybe you at least won't have needles left that that point? Or you could check them? If not, go to the loo when you arrive at the airport and say you want to mooch around the shops so you'll see them at the gate.

Helenluvsrob Fri 27-Jan-17 10:39:25

Bibs don't you just say " women's stuff" with a don't ask look?

icy121 Fri 27-Jan-17 16:07:22

I took it through without a letter, securitywoman in T5 checked my bag but it wasn't because of the needles was because my bag was randomly selected. I nearly collapsed though thinking fuck they're going to confiscate my stabbers!! But no, no problems with them on planes the 3 times I flew with them.

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