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I dreamt I had a baby girl!

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CuriousMary Wed 25-Jan-17 14:19:45

TTC well over 2 years and last night I had a dream I just had a baby girl and all the family were giving me clothes for her.
Best dream ever!
Then I wake up and remember the reality of the situation!

spinduffy Wed 25-Jan-17 16:47:54

My 2nd IVF failed 2 weeks ago. Since then I have dreamt that I'm pregnant every night. It's horrible waking up x

closephine85 Wed 25-Jan-17 18:35:50

I also do this regularly and the dreams are so real! Another one I do is if I wake up at say 5am and do a HPT which is negative, I'll then go back to sleep and have incredibly vivid dreams that it was in fact positive and when I wake up I have to go and check the test because I've genuinely thought it was real.

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