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"Normal uterus, AMH, bloods"

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Cannothavethenameiwanted Wed 25-Jan-17 12:43:39

Had my first results appointment today (sperm analysis, female blood tests).

My blood tests are normal. AMH is 15.1 (I am 25) which DR said was in normal range. Other than a thick lining my uterus looks fine. I've been referred for a HyCoSy next step to check out my fallopian tubes. But so far no explanations for my lack of periods, my random passing of huge clots (I'll pass one and bleed for like an hour once every two or three months), my lack of pregnancies.

Sperm analysis showed husband has a lot of sperm (230million!!) But a productivity of only 10% which is a blow as well.

It is so utterly bizarre to be told everything looks normal and yet be told it clearly isn't. My local NHS are doing an amazing job really! But I like having answers and solutions and explanations - to keep being told things look fine is so perplexing.

I'm desperately hoping now that the HyCoSy shows the answers now so we know what I am dealing with. I'm in the process of losing weight ready for any treatments - 9lb down since my first appt just before Christmas. Lots more to go!

Sorry for the rant; we aren't telling people in reality what is going on yet so this is my space to let it all out.

Has anybody else ever had results like mine? What was the problem/solution?

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