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Ttc after MMC

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Rosefer Sun 22-Jan-17 10:58:23

Dear all,

Hi I am a new user, read posts alot but never posted. I started ttc in May 2016, the following month BFP. A month later I began spotting, went to the EPU they asked me to come back for further scans . Before my next scan was due, I miscarried at the end of July2016. sad I had a ERPC mid august my AF in Sep, and we have been TTC since then.

Last month i used the clear blue sticks , which showed high fertility and peak. We BD every other day around those days.

My cycle has been strange since the ERPC, in Dec i had two periods, hence i starts using ovulation tests to make sure I am ovulating.
I have had a pelvic US which shows small cysts but no confirmed PCOS. GP will not refer me to gynaecologist.
As my first time ttc i got pregnant immediately with no ovulation testing I am super worried about why I am not pregnant already. confused
Would anyone suggest seeing a specialist privately?

Chattycat78 Sun 22-Jan-17 13:58:03

very sorry to hear your loss. I too had a mmc a few years ago and an erpc. It's horrible.

However, a few months is really a very very very short time when ttc. Its not uncommon for it to take a year or longer even if there are no issues. TBH I definitely wouldn't expect to get pregnant again so soon just because it happened immediately the first time. It can be very random. It took me 4 months the first time (mmc); a year and needed ivf the second time; and 1 month the third time (I have 2 children), so there really isn't any logic. I would carry on trying for a while if I were you before thinking about seeing anyone.

It can take a while for your cycle to get back to normal after an Erpc too.

Rosefer Mon 23-Jan-17 12:31:19

Thank you for your response, really appreciated! smile

Bluestar99 Sat 25-Mar-17 22:04:21

Hi, just wanted to wish you luck and share as I know reading positive experiences on here really helped keep my hopes up.
I had a mmc jan2016 - conceived very quickly that time (which was a big surprise to me as for a number of reasons I thought I'd struggle) but after that the wait felt long. Very long. Every month I was desperate to have the feeling of being pregnant again and even though the conditions appeared 'right' it didn't happen until it happened if you know what i mean. Until my body was ready. And I now unbelievably i have a little boy. I really hope that day comes for you soon.

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