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Positive opks every day! PCOS

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Ttc321 Sat 21-Jan-17 09:37:49

Hi all I'm new to this site, please help!
I have PCOS and am ttc, with no success! I have been trying opks for about 5 months never had a positive before! Only last week on CD8 I took two and both came back positive! I was over joyed! Then I continued to take them each day then on CD 11 and today I got positives again! I'm now feeling so down as I know clearly something isn't right and they weren't correct! I have been on metformin 750mg for around 2 weeks now - could they be causing these problems?
Here are my opk tests from today, are they positive!? Thanks for your help!

bananafish81 Sat 21-Jan-17 23:57:43

OPKs aren't necessarily reliable with PCOS as high circulating levels of LH can mean false positives. Would get busy just in case, but be aware that they're often not helpful with PCOS. Good luck.

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