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Why am I always spotting? (pre and post ovulation)

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cluelessnewmum Sun 15-Jan-17 20:28:33

Hi all

I've been ttc dc2 for over a year, no luck. Been referred to a specialist via GP but on waiting list, no appointment yet.

Seeing another specialist privately at the end of the month but I am so frustrated with my body at the moment.

I seem to now be spotting with pretty punchy cramps a few days before ovulation, and then a couple of days after ovulation. Already had tests which suggest hormone levels are fine, and suggest I don't have endometriosis or pcos. So nothing obvious causing it.

I am starting to get really down about it as my body is malfunctioning but I don't know why. I hope I'll get answers in my appointment but in the meantime I would appreciate any insights from any of you who've experienced similar and know why?

Thanks v much for reading x

Metaphase Sun 22-Jan-17 09:37:27

Hi Clueless.

I can't help with the 'why' I'm afraid, but this has also started happening to me. I often spot for many days through luteal phase, and this month had cramps 4DPO, spotting from 3DPO. I've been trying for over two years now, am 39 and feeling some despair that this is the start of peri menopause.

If you find anything out that seems legit (I avoid Dr Google ATM, as I don't need freaking out too much before I start IVF!) let me know!

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