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Starting IVF in 6 weeks - what should I be doing to prepare?

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sheikhandbake Sun 15-Jan-17 06:49:01

So DH and I are finally at the IVF stage and will be starting in 6 weeks, I am so excited but scared witless at the same time. I already take the following supplements but was hoping to pick some brains about anything else I should be doing / taking?

Folic Acid (obviously)
Mini Aspirin
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin D
Co -Enzyme q10 (I have been taking 300mg for a few months and thinking of upping this)
Agnus Castus
Myo Insitol (I have been taking this for a month now and my deep set spots around my jaw line have disappeared and overall my skin hasn't been this good in ages - I'm so happy!)

DH is on high strength Zinc, Selenium and L Argenine. We don't have any sperm issues but these supplements have appeared to boost his count enormously.

We don't smoke and don't drink much but will be drinking little if anything over the next 6 weeks. The post Christmas healthy eating kick has also begun although my BMI is 21 so no problems there.

I have tried acupuncture but really didn't get on with it. Might try some reflexology or just a massage for relaxation.

Am I missing anything?

Blueroses99 Sun 15-Jan-17 09:21:09

Sheikh sounds like you're on the right track. I was snacking on lots of (organic) fruit and veg before my cycles too, just to booost the nutrients, and DH snacking on nuts, especially Brazil nuts for selenium, and we were both on omega 3 supplements. We never knew how much what we did affected the result though! Good luck xx

sparechange Sun 15-Jan-17 09:23:41

Chill out, relax and make the most of Doug things that happen at around 8pm away from home! I've had IVF cycle buddies who have ended up doing injections in the theatre and cinema and restaurant toilets!

It looks like you are doing everything you can to prepare so please don't stress. And good luck with your cycle.
Are you doing long or short protocol?

waitingimpatient Sun 15-Jan-17 09:26:48

Sounds like you're taking all the right stuff ! I also take vit b6 and b12 plus iron supplements as have a massive problem with always being anaemic
I have reflexology and it's amazing I feel so relaxed after and go for a walk before and after the appt and listen to music to prolong the relaxation/time out. Tried acupuncture but it traumatised me as one session it all went v wrong and I left in agony and bleeding 😱
When I was going through a cycle I also had a v high protein diet as that's meant to be beneficial for eggs and I drank coconut water and lots of milk too
Good luck !

sheikhandbake Sun 15-Jan-17 11:10:49

Ah blueroses - I forgot to add Omega 3 to the list! I'll get DH on the Omega 3 as well. It can't hurt.

I am def incorporating more lean protein and veggies / fruits into the diet. Our consultant has suggested trying not to overdo the simple carbs / sugar but other than that his advice was to just be sensible and adopt a everything in moderation attitude.

I'll look into the B vitamins - I feel like I am rattling with all these supplements!

I believe I will be doing short protocol although the consultant hasn't ever used those terms. I'm not in the UK so don't know if the standard process is different here?

waitingimpatient Sun 15-Jan-17 13:02:47

I know ! I take a lot too ! Also on Levothyroxine and have a vit d spray and myo inositol powder so 9 different things each day !!
Occasionally I have a high dose vit c effervescent tablet and a zinc tablet too but maybe only once a week as generally my diet is v good and I don't think I'm deficient in them but doesn't hurt to have a boost once a week.
Dh is on wellman conception coq10 vit c and zinc. Limiting caffiene and no alchohol as well

blackcherries Sun 15-Jan-17 14:34:32

I'm due to start IVF in the near future, got the initial consultation laying out dates etc tomorrow eeek!
So far I'm only taking pre-conception vits and so is OH (he has low sperm count hence IVF). We're both cutting right down on caffeine and we barely drink anyway, eat pretty well. Tests on my side show all is seemingly good with me.

PennyWishes1 Sun 15-Jan-17 21:49:04

waitingimpatient I also have Reflexology once a week and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I benefit from it enormously. Ivf is stressful but it keeps me so calm and relaxed.

I'm just a few weeks out from starting cycle no.2. No.1 ended in a chemical pregnancy. I'm back to drinking full fat milk, eating a lot of protein, and loads of fresh fruit and veg. I'm also taking pregnacare and cod liver oil and drinking 2 litres of water a day.

Sending you lots of Babydust shakehandbake and hoping we both get our babies!

waitingimpatient Mon 16-Jan-17 11:19:32

It definitely has huge benefit to always feel so much better after reflexology. Even if it's just relaxation and nothing else that's got to be a good thing !

sheikhandbake Wed 18-Jan-17 06:31:57

Right thats me booking in for the first reflexology session then, all relaxation and no needles must be a good thing!

And to you Penny, I hope thing work out on cycle 2.

Chrisinthemorning Wed 18-Jan-17 06:35:07

Drop Angus castus- not sure it's recommrnded during ivf. Check with your clinic about aspirin. In fact run all of them past your clinic.
Reduce caffeine? I dropped to 2 cups normal tea a day and went decaf for any over that.

sheikhandbake Wed 18-Jan-17 07:09:04

I'm not big into the caffeine anyway Chris I have a cup of tea in the morning and thats it apart from maybe once a week when I give into my diet coke habit blush. I might get some caffeine free teabags to trick my mind in the morning.

I will email our consultant now about the supplements and the Agnus Castus in particular - thanks for bringing up that point.

PennyWishes1 Wed 18-Jan-17 10:07:52

Thanks Sheikhandbake
I have reflexology today at 11:30. It's a little bit of me time and I really look forward to it. Less stressed.
Does anyone know there cycle plans yet? I'm back on long protocol with my down reg injection on the 23rd, then stimming with 300 menupur. wink
How did your consultation go Blackcherries?

blackcherries Wed 18-Jan-17 15:10:49

Hello, consultation was fine, feel a bit like we rushed through everything as I needed to understand the timeline in total detail as planning OH's work trip. Then we had this bombshell with them telling us we wouldn't be able to do it for 6 months because OH had risk of getting zika on his trip shock

Luckily that was largely a misunderstanding because having to postpone 6 months is basically not an option for us! Now we are, as usual, trying to get info about when we need to get blood tests etc and thinking of OH freezing sperm beforehand just to eliminate all risk of zika and reduce pressure on the day of egg collection. It all costs though, getting fed up of paying £200 a time for blood tests because GP wont' do them.

In a way the timing is good otherwise because OH going abroad means we couldn't have tried naturally so when I get my next period I start the clock ticking ready to take the first set of drugs - down regulation. Annoyingly my cycle's gone mad so no way of predicting when that will be, usually really regular aghhh!!
Good luck penny must have been devastating that the first cycle didn't work. Any tips for a newbie? grin how many cycles did you have in mind? I'm really trying to manage expectations and basically assuming first cycle won't work but can't afford more than probably two cycles (I may change my opinion on this when the time comes...)

sheikhandbake Wed 18-Jan-17 16:15:59

We had the same issue blackchereies, DH is currently on his way back from a Zika zone. I sent him off with industrial strength DEET and instructions to put it on several times a day and wear long sleeves and trousers at all times! He hasn't been bitten which is a big relief.

Unfortunately Zika incidence is higher in poor communities where there isn't any air conditioning and lots of standing water - not so much of a problem in modern hotels etc that are sprayed but it is still a worry.

sheikhandbake Wed 18-Jan-17 16:21:54

We are looking at March Penny. DH is travelling again next month (thankfully not to a Zika zone this time) and we have his mum coming to stay with us in Feb (we live overseas). She is the typical Mumsnet nightmare MIL so DH vetoed doing it when she was staying with us as its so stressful when she is here!

PennyWishes1 Wed 18-Jan-17 23:55:22

blackcherries my Best bit of advice was that it is a scary rollercoaster and to be kind to yourself. For me Reflexology helped (I know again...) I felt very calm, way calmer than I thought I would so find something just for you that you like to do. Also myself and Hubby went into our own little bubble and did nice things together to have fun and distract a little, meals out, cinema dates and wrapping up in waterproofs and walking he beach in the rain. Also I know from doing a cycle already that every stage comes and goes so just take it one day at a time and I found nothing physically too bad.

sheikhandbake I fingers crossed, everything hopefully going well ,will be having egg collection at the start of March so just a little ahead of you.

chrisinthemorning did you find reducing caffeine hard. I'm on one cup of tea in the morning and the odd coffee- I miss coffee, lots of coffee.....sad

Positive thoughts everyone wink

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