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Lutinizing before egg collection....

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spinduffy Sun 15-Jan-17 06:26:14

My second IVF cycle has failed. Both cycles have been a disaster. Cycle one was long protocol with merional 225mg. Cycle two was short protocol with gonal F 350mg.

Poor response to both cycles. Turns out my AMH has fallen off a cliff to 7.

But what is most worrying is that on both cycles my progesterone was >60 at egg collection and any eggs that were retrieved were in the pouch of Douglas... I have lutinized already, despite taking trigger at direct time and being on different LH blockers.

Has anyone heard of this? My clinics say it's less than 1% / cycle, but to have happened twice with totally different protocols is mystifying them... any suggestions anyone? Even googling isn't pulling any relevant info!

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