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Ttc for over a year and nothing :(

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Loadingpleasewait Wed 11-Jan-17 20:29:46

Been ttc for over a year and nothing has happened so I'm going to make an appointment with my doctor.

I have no idea what to expect. What tests etc would they start with?

I'm really nervous about it. Thanks

Booboomoogooboo Wed 11-Jan-17 20:35:28

I'm in the same boat Loading, 38 and ttc#2 for over a year now. Keep meaning to go to the drs but I'm really scared about going. I'll follow this thread with interest.

SleepFreeZone Wed 11-Jan-17 20:38:24

It depends on your doctor. A good doctor would do a 21 day hormone test on you and a sperm test on your partner and then might talk about funded IVF depending on your area and whether either of you have children.

A bad doctor will probably try and fob you off and suggest you keep trying 🙄

Loadingpleasewait Wed 11-Jan-17 21:00:12

Neither myself or dh have children already and I am 30.
You spend your life trying to not get pregnant and when you try and it doesn't happen it really sucks!

Booboomoogooboo Wed 11-Jan-17 21:09:12

I ordered some Conceive Plus tonight from Amazon, read good things on the reviews so thought it might be worth a shot! Having said that, I do feel that I need to get a grip on my anxiety and just get to the drs. Driving myself mad every cycle.

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