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Early period after endometrial scratch

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Level75 Wed 11-Jan-17 19:26:16

Did anyone here get their period early after an endometrial scratch? I'm not due for a week but came on today. I've had a scratch before and this didn't happen (ivf worked) so I'm comcerned as this is different. Thanks

Blueroses99 Wed 11-Jan-17 20:14:33

My bleed was a few days late after the scratch, I was down regulating and had to delay stims by 5 days later than initially planned until the bleed stopped as my lining was too thick. Is it definitely a period or could it be bleeding as a result of the treatment?

Level75 Wed 11-Jan-17 21:21:58

It's red blood after a week of brown spotting so I'm thinking yes. Will wait till tomorrow though to be certain.

W8woman Wed 11-Jan-17 23:02:06

I've had four scratches and the fourth was so vicious it reduced me to tears.

The next day I began bleeding bright red blood, although I wasn't due for over a week (clinics time it to happen mid cycle). Thought I'd suffered an injury and the clinic told me it was just menstrual blood. The first and only period of my life that's ever been early.

That was my one successful round grin and DD is sound asleep next door.

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