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advice for "newly" infertile person please?

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zoobyzoo Wed 11-Jan-17 01:50:22

Hope it's ok to post here given that I'm at the very start of this journey, but I'm feeling a whole mix of emotions and could really do with some support.

So in a nutshell, I'm 36, husband is 49. TTC for 2 years. Neither of us have kids previously, and I've never been pregnant. We have unexplained infertility - I appear to be ovulating, tubes open and his sperm appears to be "ok".

My high BMI has been the barrier to fertility treatment, I've managed to reduce from over 41 to 36.7 over the past 10 months and dear god, has it been a struggle. I'm still trying to lose of course but cut-off for private treatment is 35 (NHS is 30 - hah). That said a local clinic has offered a free consultation (not a treatment or investigation appointment) which takes place this week. It's basically an introduction to the clinic, their services, costs etc. The nurse I spoke to over the phone said that they don't just take weight into consideration. I don't drink/smoke/use drug/take any meds/have any physical health issues apart from obesity. I see a personal trainer 3 times a week and I'm trying to keep on with a healthy diet.

I'm feeling apprehensive about this appointment, and worst-case scenario it will be a "not yet" rather than a flat-out "no". Also feeling like a failure for not having been able to get the weight off enough despite having lost 2.5 stones so far (still not enough though). I'm also worried about our advancing age and the fact that we're on a tight deadline here...

Not really sure why I'm posting here. Maybe just to get it off my chest? Would love to hear some positive stories from people who've come through similar though.

Thanks for reading.

Blueroses99 Wed 11-Jan-17 21:54:44

Well done on your weight loss to date, that's a great achievement! No real advice but you're not too far from reaching 35. My BMI was acceptable for the private clinic but would have been rejected by NHS (just over 30). Speak to a few clinics and go from there. Good luck xx

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