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After 13 MC we are now under bournhall and starting IVF

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dildoos Sat 07-Jan-17 22:01:20

So many questions and after 6 years of trying this all feels so very New and scary. Couldn't find a thread for just general questions about IVF like how long from down reg to implantation? That sort of thing.
I've just had my hycosy scan and all looks ok in tubes etc and my c section scar from almost 9 years ago looks fine. (Previous partner)
Any advice, support and knowledge would be very welcome.
Many thanks in advance

HelloMist Sun 08-Jan-17 10:56:33

Hi Dildoos,

So sorry to hear of your MCs. Good luck with IVF and I hope you'll get some helpful replies here.

I've had a look back at my 2 ivf cycles (1 currently underway, so dates could change) and for me it was about a month between starting to DR and embryo transfer. (Implantation, if it happens, will be in the few days after that). Timing could vary depending on your response or if AF after down reg is slow to arrive.

What else do you want to know? I found it scary and overwhelming at the beginning too. It did get easier.

dildoos Sun 08-Jan-17 11:42:17

Thank you hellomist,
Everything seems so new when I thought I knew everything about falling pregnant and this new stage is very scary as you say.
I am low side of normal with my AMH so have been advised time not hugely in my side and after hycosy was told I only had 14 follicles and he had hoped for more so feel like this is last chance saloon and the pressure feels more on now than ever before.
Please could you talk me through what to expect from when I call and say My period has arrived to embryo transfer. I know there is about 7 appointments but wondered what sort of times between these appointments. I know I should've asked when there but this didn't pop into my mind until I had digested what seems to be 1000 pieces of info xx

dildoos Sun 08-Jan-17 11:43:34

Also hellomist was wondering how it's going for you in this cycle? X

Amummyatlast Sun 08-Jan-17 13:27:04

Why not give the nurses a call (they should have given you the number) and ask they to talk you through your treatment? I always found the nurses at Bourn Hall very helpful.

The amount of scans etc. you might need will vary. It sounds like you are on the long protocol, which I only did once, but from memory I had my first scan about 5/6 days after starting Gonal F, and then a scan everyone other day until they realised I was over stimulating, so had to have a scan/blood test everyday towards the end. It also depends on how you take to respond. They will want a good selection of follicles at around 17-20mm before they will tell you to take the trigger shot, and how long it takes you to get to this stage varies.

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