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Low morphology and IUI

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lifesapeach Sat 07-Jan-17 11:26:58

Hi, my husband had sperm morphology of 3%. Our doctor hasn't raised a particular concern but I can see from googling that this is quite low. Has anyone got experience of whether IUI would be recommended for 3% sperm morphology? Thanks! 

geeup Sat 07-Jan-17 17:50:09

Hi peach. Sorry you're going through this - we also had the same diagnosis (1-3% morphology over 3 SAs). My advice is firstly, don't go on the results of just one SA - it can vary so start your husband on Proxeed asap and in 3 months test again. In the meantime, get yourself tested for ovulation, clear tubes etc just to make sure that's all you have to contend with.
Re IUI, from what we read, IUI was only really recommended for people who struggle to have penetrative sex or same sex couples using donor sperm. For people with low motility it can help get the sperm a bit closer. It doesn't really help poor morphology unfortunately - only ICSI can help that as the problem is the funny shape stops them either getting to the egg (swimming in a circle) or their abnormal heads stop them getting into the egg. Both are overcome by injecting the sperm head into the egg.
A lot of people do get pregnant eventually with low morphology so it's not hopeless at all. (You only need one!). Unfortunately we haven't so we're awaiting IVF with ICSI but people certainly do so stay positive, try sperm friendly lube, and sex only EOD and try not to worry. Good luck!

geeup Tue 10-Jan-17 13:11:06

Radio 5 live are doing an hour now on MFI if anyone's interested and can turn on

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