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Can anyone offer any advice please !!!

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Jacqueline2456 Fri 06-Jan-17 10:00:58

Good Morning
This is my first post here
I was hoping for some advice from anyone that has been in a similar situation. 5 years ago I had a ovary and tube removed due to a cyst but was told it wouldn't affect my fertility. Myself and my husband have be ttc for about 3 years with no luck. I've seen my GP and discussed lack of regular periods and at all at the moment. My GP did some blood tests and said my oestrogen levels were a little low so would refer me onto gynaecology or fertility ( he wasn't sure which one). I recently received a letter from the hospital stating they would see due to my BMI being over 30. I understand I wouldn't be offered IVF with a high BMI but I at least expected them to offer advice guidance and to at least tell me am I fertile or not?
I'm left feeling in limbo now. I've spoken to my GP briefly who said he will refer to endocrinologist but I not really sure what this means or what to do next. Can anyone offer any advice please.

Blueroses99 Fri 06-Jan-17 14:28:56

Hi Jacqueline, I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm not saying I agree with their position at all but I think the reason they have taken than stance is because fertility is improved with a healthy BMI, therefore the fertility tests at a higher BMI would not be accurate.

You might be better off going privately for the tests. I was accepted privately at a BMI that wouldn't have been accepted for NHS treatment.

I'm very sceptical of BMI as a marker for good health anyway, but if you're not too far above 30, and it's possible to bring it down enough to become eligible, that would be my suggestion. (I brought my BMI down from just above 30 to just below to be able to have NHS treatment so that comment is not meant in anyway offensively.)

Or change tack and try to get seen by gynaecology and ask for scans showing your other tube is functioning correctly and then ask for other tests from there.

Good luck.

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