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Ovary cysts

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sk1pper Thu 05-Jan-17 08:22:24

Hi, just trying to find some answers...I'm hoping there is someone around with experience of this.

I've been TTC my first child for just over 16 months. My cycles are regular and normally last from 26-28 days, with ovulation always occurring on the 14th day (apart from the odd cycle where I've been ill).

At the start of October last year I went to my GP and had the initial fertility tests. Hormones were good, OH's SA was excellent, swab was clear and surprisingly my ultrasound was absolutely fine.

I was convinced they would find something on the ultrasound because I have extremely heavy and painful periods and back in August I had a burst cyst on my ovary which I had to go to hospital for. It was horrendous and the GP at the time said it could point to underlying fertility issues. But the ultrasound was clear, ovarys cyst free and womb fibroid free and no water pockets or anything like that.

I mentioned this during my first gynaecology appointment which I had this Tuesday. She said the results were all clear, there was nothing to suggest anything was wrong and the cyst was probably a one off. Nevertheless, I have a HSG lined up next.

Well last night I ovulated and again, severe pain - just like I had before. It's like trapped wind which gets tighter and tighter, leading to a sharp stabbing pain that has me doubled over. Surely this can't be another cyst?? I had my ultrasound on the 28th October, could another one of formed this quickly? Should I insist to the specialist that this is clearly a problem or do you think it's nothing to worry about?

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 05-Jan-17 08:24:44

The pain you describe is like I had when I had ovarian cysts. They're awful.

drinkingchanelno5 Thu 05-Jan-17 08:50:33

I'm not sure but my consultant has just referred me for a check up scan to see what my cyst is 'doing' after being picked up in a September scan. So possibly they can form/change quickly? Sorry you're suffering, they are awful.

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