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Vitamins to prepare for second ICSI

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Hope2409 Mon 02-Jan-17 18:41:04

Hi, I had my first failed cycle of ICSI in December and am now preparing for my second round, hopefully March time.

Having done some reasearch i've decided to take more vitamins in addition to the pregnacare conception that i already take.
I have read lots about Ubiquinol and have just ordered some online.

I was just wondering what other people do to prepare, diet, vitamins etc... does anyone take Ubiquinol and if so what sort of dose?

Any information would be much appreciated!


Blue2014 Mon 02-Jan-17 18:45:35

Is DH taking vitamins too? I had mine on ubiquitol and fertiliaid for men. It made a difference (DS is now 4 weeks old so it worked but it also seems to have improved quality of sperm). I also read "it starts with the egg" and followed what I realistically could from that but, if I'm honestly I'm not really sure how much it helped me (3 eggs, 2 fertilised and made to blast, both transferred in, one baby)

Good luck with it flowers

Hope2409 Mon 02-Jan-17 19:14:48

Thanks blue and congratulations on your DS.
Yes DH is taking fertilisan for men and is starting to take ubiquinol with me along with added vit c and e. At his most recient SA his results had improved just on the fertilisan so i'm hoping with the added stuff too it might even more.

The reason i'm doing it is since last time failed i feel i need to change tactics and try something else, it might not make a blind bit of difference but i feel i need to try!
I have heard a few people recommend that book i might look in to it, thank you xxx

Mrscrabtree Mon 02-Jan-17 20:24:46

I took 2mg melatonin each night whilst preparing for my ivf (as well as pregnacare, 100 mg Omega 3, 400 ubiquinol, inositol). You can't get it without prescription in the uk but I got it in the US (I think you might be able to get it online). It's a powerful antioxidant which supposedly has a good effect on egg quality. Most of my eggs fertilised - no idea if it was down to the melatonin or not! DH also taking ubiquinol, pregnacare and antioxidants (pycogenol and high dose vit C, E and zinc). Good luck OP x

Mrscrabtree Mon 02-Jan-17 20:43:29

Oh ps DH was also taking 500mg alpha lipoid acid which I believe is also an antioxidant. They said his sperm sample was v good and better than previous tests x

Mrscrabtree Mon 02-Jan-17 20:44:49

(Pps that should say 1000mg omega 3)

Hope2409 Mon 02-Jan-17 21:05:10

Thanks mrscrabtree i will look at melatonin too!
I've brought for me vit d and folic acid, vit c and zinc, vit e 400iu, 1000mg omega 3, ubiquinol (which has a bit of added vit c and vit e too) and i take pregnacare conception! Then if this round doesnt work i will throw more in and change it up again!

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