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sarahburneraccount35 Mon 02-Jan-17 00:01:50

Hi everyone, happy new year. Hoping there are some people about on the boards who've done Gonadotropin? About to start my first cycle on the injections and aware you have to have regular scans during to monitor and check there's not hyperstimulation which can be dangerous. My issue is for the next couple of months I have to fly short haul to a neighbouring country for two days a week for a work project (the joys of being a consultant and no, I can't tell my boss!). I think I can squeeze in scans either side but are the docs going to let me do this or insist I cancel the cycle or stay home because too dangerous to be away? How often were you scanned when you did the injections and how did you find the process? Thanks so much. Sarah

Blueroses99 Mon 02-Jan-17 13:35:05

I found it stressful enough juggling work and scans without overseas travel! The monitoring is to ensure that you are reacting to the drugs as expected and follicles are growing smoothly. Once you start taking the drugs, you need to work with their timings to ensure the optimum egg collection date. On my recent cycle, my clinic did a blood test on day 5 and scans on day 9 and 11 - that is their standard procedure. However on the previous cycle I had the blood test on day 5, with signs of overstimulation, scans on day 7, 9, 10 and 11 - each appointment made at the previous one. Egg collection is only confirmed based on your body's response so can't be determined in advance. Your body's response to the drugs will not work around your work schedule. When I asked about a potential 2 day work trip, they said they would postpone the cycle so I arranged for a colleague to go instead. Is it worth doing a cycle now if you're not going to be available for optimal results?

bananafish81 Mon 02-Jan-17 15:14:43

Are you doing IVF or ovulation induction with injectables OP?

sarahburneraccount35 Mon 02-Jan-17 15:56:10

Thank you both for the replies and Blue I recognise you from the Besh thread (I lost track of the thread after taking an MN break but hope you're ok).

I'm doing ovulation induction not IVF, sorry for not being clearer.

Sounds like I may need to postpone the work travel if I can - I will speak to my doctor at my appt. it's so hard to do all the treatment and keep your normal life going, isn't it?

bananafish81 Mon 02-Jan-17 16:16:14

For ovulation induction you'll still need at least 1-2 scans - it's hard to know when you'll trigger as that will depend on your response.

Are you doing timed intercourse or IUI?

Usually even with the latter you'd be having intercourse as well as the IUI, so remember it's not just appointments that you're trying not to be away for, but also the part where the sperm meets the egg!

I'm doing ovulation induction with injectables, it's very straightforward meds wise (although I've done 4 IVF cycles, so I'm pretty used to injections and scans!)

You might be able to postpone a scan for an OI cycle a day or so, which you wouldn't for IVF - but I would try and get out of the travel, as it's basically impossible to schedule cycle scans in advance

Blueroses99 Mon 02-Jan-17 16:44:04

Sarah I assumed IVF, sorry! I do remember you and recall your questions on OI. I'd follow Banana's recommendations. Good luck xx

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