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Ttc for 13 months

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newyorklover81 Wed 28-Dec-16 22:21:10

Hi smile

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 13 months, I do already have children from a previous relationship and never had any issues getting pregnant always fell very quickly within 1 or two months.

My youngest is now 5 and I am 35, my partner has had semen analysis and had perfect results so it's not him that's the problem.

I did have a positive test 3 months ago which turned out to be a chemical a few days later.

I feel like this is such a rollercoaster - I know I have children already and it must be so much harder to not have any. The disappointment Every month is so painful, we just want a child together to complete our family sad.

I am due to have a hycosy scan next week - my day 21 bloods came back fine and I have regular periods - since the chemical my luteal phase is all over, going shorter and then a lot longer, I am currently 3 days over my usual luteal phase but negative test . I am thinking of trying acupuncture - has anyone tried this with success?

Thanks xxx

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