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Anyone think that Clomid worsened their chances?

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Thomasina76 Wed 28-Dec-16 14:51:37

Just got BFN again after 2nd medicated IUI. First time I took clomid I got two 24mm follicles but BFN. Second time I got one 28mm follicle which they weren't sure was a cyst or follicle and a 15mm one so neither a good size and just got another BFN. I ovulate fine on my own (regular 28 day cycle) and was prescribed clomid just to try something else. Think our main issue is age as I am 40 and DH 46. Can't help but feel that clomid reduced our chances on the last cycle as instead of having 1 good eggs I have one immature and one overly mature/possible cyst. Did anyone else feel the same about clomid?

FluffyEwok Thu 29-Dec-16 18:21:38

Im 30 been on clomid 150 for 4 months and i think the higher dose is working as a contraceptive as its likely thinning my womb and making my cm hostile. Next step is ivf x

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