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Do I or don't I?

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flutterworc Sat 24-Dec-16 06:35:09

PCOS. Overweight. 35. Cycle irregular ish. DS(4) was a miracle baby. No luck TTC for 3 yrs. Clomid. DTD once at approximate time of ovulation ( if it occurred at all). HTP- on Day 28.

Cycle day 38, no sign of period. Some minor crossover with early pg symptoms from last time, but nothing definitive.

Do I:

A) pray for another miracle and test, in the knowledge that if it's negative, it'll significantly dampen my mood for the next few days?

B) not waste my time or a test for the very unlikely possibility of pregnancy, then be on tenterhooks with pregnancy-unfriendly foods/drinks over Christmas...?


PosiePootlePerkins Sat 24-Dec-16 06:40:59

Well I am dreadful for not knowing so would probably have to test just to have an answer one way or another. But that's just me. If its going to make you miserable if its negative, maybe don't. Good luck either way.

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