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December/January 17 cycle buddies

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HelloMist Wed 21-Dec-16 16:38:40

Is anybody else about to start a cycle?

I start down regging on boxing day! I could use some company.

Zippybear Wed 21-Dec-16 17:36:48

Yes me! I started down regging on Friday so just a few days before you. I've never done 'proper' ivf before just natural cycle so quite nervous about how the drugs will affect me. Glad to have some company!

HelloMist Wed 21-Dec-16 21:41:42

Hi Zippy, thanks for joining me!

How was/were your natural cycle(s)?

My first IVF cycle wasn't too bad in terms of side effects. Bit of tiredness, felt extra emotional (but that was probably the stress not just drugs) and bloated with stimming. Nothing I couldn't handle though. I hope it won't be bad for you either!

My first IVF gave me a DD so I was very lucky. I had FET recently to try for a second and got bfp but had an early loss. We didn't have any frosties so here I am.

Zippybear Thu 22-Dec-16 07:18:35

That should say I start on Friday as in tomorrow (eek!) The natural cycles were relatively ok, two chemicals and a bfn though . Fortunately my ovaries have recovered a bit (they were a bit wrecked after a cyst removal) so we are now able to have a go at real ivf although my amh is still low. We also have sperm
Issues, dh had a varicocoele op so we were hoping there might be an improvement there but unfortunately he has been quite unwell in the last few weeks and he had to have a number of courses of antibiotics, some of which can affect sperm. Thankfully he is better now, and we can only hope there is some functional sperm there on the day!
Glad to hear you didn't suffer too much from side effects, hoping I'll be the same especially over Christmas and new year. Are you at the same clinic where you were successful before?

HelloMist Thu 22-Dec-16 08:46:44

I got that it was tomorrow, just forgot to write good luck!!

I'm so sorry about your chemicals. Mine was one too but I prefer to call it otherwise. And the bfn. I hope you are lucky this time around.

Will they be doing ICSI if they have concerns about his sperm? Glad he is better now. My DH needed an op to retrieve his (he is azoospermic), and it is frozen samples that they'll use with my eggs. Yes, same clinic. smile Successful cycle was on the NHS but we have to pay now. Are you at the same clinic too?

HelloMist Thu 22-Dec-16 08:55:57

Are you injecting or sniffing for down reg? Is it buserelin?

I hope it won't affect your Christmas or New Year!

Zippybear Thu 22-Dec-16 09:45:16

Yes chemical just doesn't really seem like the right word does it, especially after infertility and ivf. This will be our nhs round (after private before) so new clinic. I'm injecting buserlin, what about you? And do you have any issues yourself? Also hoping it doesn't affect the holidays too much, really hoping not to be an emotional wreck on Christmas Day but hopefully it won't really have kicked in by then. I'm also worried about weight gain, I'm half a stone heavier than I'd like to be starting but I just couldn't get the weight off, I really struggle to loose when stressed!

HelloMist Thu 22-Dec-16 15:57:02

Sorry to read about your issues. As far as we know I don't have any, only DH.

Yes, that's it. It feels too clinical and as if you weren't really pregnant. I suppose we've needed to move on, and for whatever reason those pregnancies weren't meant to continue, but it was no less real for that short time.

I don't think I put on much weight even with the bloating. Can't remember for sure. There may have been extra snacking in some stages of the process I think though i tried to rein it in! Might be harder around the festive period. Try to remember it's for a good cause if you do gain.

Yes, hopefully Christmas day will be too early for it to make you feel too bad.

Mine's buserelin too. Oh that's good this is NHS for you. smile

Thinking of you for tomorrow!

Zippybear Fri 23-Dec-16 08:02:28

First injection done. Hope you can enjoy the next few days before you start on Boxing Day. I will try and reign it in with the festive food, easier said than done mind you!

HelloMist Fri 23-Dec-16 11:40:51

Yay, well done! If you were unsure about injections it should get easier now that you've done the first one. Thank you!

Zippybear Fri 23-Dec-16 20:48:36

I actually had to do some injecting as part of the natural (!) cycles but I was still very nervous with the idea of starting a real cycle. I feel a bit better now it's started, no going back now! Are we the only poor souls having to down reg over the holidays?! Will you be drinking at all once you get started?

HelloMist Sat 24-Dec-16 08:12:14

Oh, don't know a lot about natural cycle, didn't realise! At least you had some experience then.

I think I will drink a little in the DR bit. How about you?

Possibly! I tried to start another thread a week or so ago and got no reply!

iwillbemummy Mon 26-Dec-16 00:01:55

Hey Ladies!!

Definitely not the only on down regging lol!! I started my Buserlin on Friday (23rd). This is our 1st IVF cycle and are having ICSI.

I didn't think I was having any symptoms, but just said to DH that do t know whether I feel nauseous because of the meds or because I ate too much today lol! Happy Christmas by the way.

I'm not drinking anything, which today was a little hard!!!

How are you ladies? Hope you had a great Christmas!

Zippybear Mon 26-Dec-16 10:39:37

Hello and welcome iwillbe!
Hope your first injection went well this morning hellomist
I wasn't planning to but ended up having a little drink yesterday. Still not feeling any real side effects here except had a slightly fussy head so have been drinking plenty of water to ward off any headaches.

TinySalmon Tue 27-Dec-16 13:05:51

Hi all!

Can I join?

Me - first round IVF successful, premature labour at 20 weeks, lost my beautiful son. FET failed. No frosties left so we are doing fresh cycle. Just started taking the pill to manufacture a period so I think 9 more days of that, wait for a bleed then away we go with the hard drugs! Transfer end of January all being equal.

spinduffy Tue 27-Dec-16 20:46:37

Guys can I also join? I am 38 (soon to be 39). I start gonal f tomorrow and am short protocol. This is my second private photo Ivf cycle. I was on long protocol in August, with merional, but it was a disaster- poor response and then I ovulated early. Hoping for a better shot this time!

iwillbemummy Tue 27-Dec-16 21:56:12

Hi Tiny and Spin

Sorry to hear of your loss Tiny. We're all in this with you for this cycle and sending you good vibes.

Fingers crossed for you and us all Spin. Hopefully this cycle will be more successful.

I still haven't had any noticeable symptoms from the suprecur apart from feel a little sick if I'm hungry. Have been tired but putting that down to Christmas hosting etc.

How is everyone else in the symptoms front? I should be starting my period Sunday or Monday so hoping that doesn't alter with the meds as I will be taking the stims from then.

HelloMist Wed 28-Dec-16 00:37:09

Hello Spin and Tiny!

I'm so sorry Tiny. Sending lots of hope and good thoughts your way for this cycle.

Spin, hope this cycle will be more successful.

Did you all have a good Christmas? Hope the nerves and drugs didn't affect it too much.

I'm 2 injections in and not feeling much so far. I was on the pill up until yesterday to regulate cycle and have had spotting all month though so that's worrying me slightly. (Maybe it is more related to first period post CP though). Anyone have experience of similar? Hopefully it's no reason for concern. No one at clinic to ask until tomorrow.

Iwill, is your first scan once already stimming? I've got a baseline before it this time but don't think I did the first time around.

Hope you're doing OK, Zippy.

iwillbemummy Wed 28-Dec-16 12:20:02

My baseline will be before I start stimming. Just waiting for period to call clinic then should have me scan a couple days after that. Then they'll tell be to take the stims I think.

My cycle has always been regular but definitely nervous about it starting on time hmm

Zippybear Wed 28-Dec-16 21:16:27

Hello newcomers. So sorry to hear of your loss tiny  and hoping this cycle is better spin. Hellomist I didn't have to take the pill so I've no idea about the spotting sorry. Hoping you can speak to the clinic soon. I am now on day 5 of downregging and have felt exhausted all day and then had a horrific migraine this evening, thankfully abating now! Could be a coincidence rather than actual side effects though, I'm hoping anyway!
Fingers crossed for your cycle arriving on time iwillbe, the worry over dates etc is so hard!

spinduffy Thu 29-Dec-16 07:40:16

Thanks for the welcomes.

I'm not sure about the spotting with the pill.

I took norethestirone for 10 days and am now on day 2 of gonal f. The injections are very easy and much less fiddly than merional. I start cetrotide tomorrow am. First scan is on Wednesday and I just hope my ovaries show good follicle growth!

I have struggled to eat overly healthy- the boxes of Lindor have been tempting me and I had 3 yesterday. Feeling a bit guilty!

HelloMist Thu 29-Dec-16 15:00:52

My AF after down reg last time came a bit late last time, willbe. It shouldn't cause a problem, might just be a delay in other dates. I did get a bit fed up of the DR stage last time though! so I hope it won't happen to you. (Or me this time).

Thanks for the replies about spotting. I don't remember it myself before TTC, but clinic did say it's common on the pill.

Good that you're on different drugs from last time, Spin. Less fiddly and hopefully better response as well. smile If you're eating mostly healthy meals then some treats as well shouldn't matter.

Zippybear Sat 31-Dec-16 10:13:10

How's the dr going hellomist? Hope you are still feeling ok. What's everyone up to tonight?

iwillbemummy Sat 31-Dec-16 18:41:47

Thanks Hello Mist for the heads up, in due tomorrow or Monday but no signs of AF! I keep telling myself to trust the process (although keep looking at my calendar and forecasting "if it comes then....or then" blush).

Symptoms have definitely shown their head today....awful tiredness to point that I had to have a nap in the afternoon and then watching a film with DH had a hot flush. Hoping it means it's working confused.

We had a table booked for a meal but instead staying in with a M&S dine in for two meal lol!!! Very rock n roll. Hope you've all got some nice plans?

Happy New Year to all and anyone else reading. Hope 2017 brings everyone all their wishes with continued health and happiness. X

HelloMist Sun 01-Jan-17 10:46:06

My AF came a few days ago - I think taking (& stopping) the pill helps it to come predictably though. Iwill did the clinic say to tell them if it hasn't come before the first scan? Hopefully it'll be along soon! I know what you mean about trying to plan out the dates. I find it hard not knowing them for sure. Also seems so backwards how we're pleased to see a period starting this process. Sorry you aren't feeling great and had to miss the meal out but it sounds like you made the best of things!

I had a nice New Year's Eve! Thanks iwill. Happy New Year to you and everyone reading.

Symptoms: I've been having some vivid, weird dreams. Don't think I'm more tired but am tired anyway from chasing a toddler. Felt v grumpy/bit down but it turned out to be AF arriving. I feel OK again now apart from a cold I'm getting over! I feel like down reg makes me more susceptible to them but I suppose it's the time of year for it.

How are you feeling Zippy?

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