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Any disabled mum's out there?

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Hopefullmummy2be Sat 17-Dec-16 00:56:42

Hi x
I'm 42... and have been physical disabled for a decade. I have functional neurological syndrome... thankfully not MS or anything sinister. But it does affect me mobility and I have serious pain and need some help. I have to take alot of meds to cope with the pain and I'm worried there interfering with my bloods. I have posted asking for help to interpretc me results as I'm lost ! My question is.... being disabled have you encountered any discrimination FROM IVF clinics or Gynys and how havery you coped coming off meds or just in general? I'm so nervous about the whole process and feel I may have to fight harder than others as they look at me as if in incapable of being a mum.
Blessings and light x

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