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Unexplained infertility

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Nicky883 Tue 13-Dec-16 21:31:49

Hi all ,
I was wondering if anyone ever got their unexplained inferility explained at some point during their journey ?
I find it so hard to accept that there is no reason this is not happening for us . We have been ttc for over a year now all the tests came back "normal" the only thing that is not within the optimal range is my TSH which came back at 3.8 ! Gp said thats normal but the private fertility consultant put me on levo (25mg) to bring it down before treatment
I am now wondering if that might be the reason ! Any experiences ?

Kohi36 Tue 13-Dec-16 21:54:12

That is not a healthy TSH. You need to get a full thyroid panel done TSH, free T3 (most important, free t4, ferritin, iron, folate, b12, vit d and important to test for TPO antibodies. I'm hypothyroid and my TSH has never been over 4. Have a look at the stop the thyroid madness website. Very informative. Infertility, miscarriages, premature births and stillbirths can occur due to hypothyroidism. My son was born 3 months premature 4 years ago due to my condition being undiagnosed. I am on Natural Dessicated Thyroid now which contains both T4 and T3. Levo only contains T4. If you are unable to convert the T4 into T3 it will be ineffective. I also have adrenal fatigue which often goes hand in hand with thyroid issues. I hope u can find a good doctor knowledgeable on thyroid issues. TSH should be below 2 to conceive.

Nicky883 Tue 13-Dec-16 22:19:17

Thanks for the info kohi ! I have already question my "normal" results with my gp but she said since my progesterone was 78 it means i am ovulating so there is no reason to be concerned about my TSH . I am so frustrated! I am trying to conviece her to do more tests i just dont want to go into more invasive procedures before sorting out my tsh levels but how can i get pass the gp trlling me is notmal ? i have another appoitment with her o thursday and i will try to convice her to at least give me a provate referal to an endo so i can vlaim
In through my insurance !
I just cant get it out of my head that my "unexplained" infertility is due to thyroid issues

Kohi36 Wed 14-Dec-16 15:18:17

Nicky you need to find a new doctor as this doctor hasn't got a clue about the thyroid . I would recommend mine but I'm not in the Uk. It's impossible to look just at progesterone and say u are ovulating without taking oestrogen into account. I have oestrogen dominance meaning my oestrogen is Higher than it should be in proportion to my progesterone however if the doctor measured my progesterone in isolation it would be in range. I would put money on it that you'd thyroid is preventing you from getting pregnant. Really important to check for TPO antibodies too. I have these which means I have the autoimmune variety of hypothyroidism called hashimotos. I would join a few uk bases thyroid groups online an see if u can track down a good thyroid doctor (not necessarily an endo) who will test everything and prescribe NDT. I wish you look.

Nicky883 Wed 14-Dec-16 16:08:25

Tha k you kohil i ll try to persuade her to give me an open referal tomorrow !

Johnolaura Fri 16-Dec-16 15:11:15

Hi I am 24 now and was told at 16 that I had primary ovarian failure. I have had all sorts of tests done and the doctors don't know why it has happened. I understand how you feel it's a very difficult thing to come to terms with and I still struggle now x

cluelessnewmum Tue 20-Dec-16 09:53:25

Kohi this is really useful information, thank you.

I haven't had a full thyroid profile but have had some tests which are meant to be "normal".

But it sounds like my TSH levels are too high also to conceive.

Nicki I'm in the same boat as you, unexplained secondary infertility in my case, been trying for over a year and I don't know why it's not happening this time. I feel your frustration.

My TSH level is 2.48
Free thyroxine 17.3
Free T3 4.6
Progesterone is "normal" but only 43.1

I have a tendency towards short luteal phases and I spot a few days before my period. Currently taking 800mg cyclogest (progesterone) which stops the spotting but hasn't helped in conceiving.

I've started charting and my luteal phase temperatures do not remain high, sub 98f,which I read could be a sign of hypothyroidism but the so called normal thyroid results made me think that can't be the cause.

Any thoughts / advice Kohi, you seem very knowledgeable? Sounds like I need to see someone about this?

Thanks x

Nicky883 Tue 20-Dec-16 10:15:36

Hi all just wanted to update that i got my bfp after 5 weeks of taking levothyroxine . Will check my levels again next week
Not sure if thats what did it and i am hopping for a sticky one ! Terriefied yhat my tah levels havent got down enough

isthismummy Mon 26-Dec-16 09:53:21

Congratulations Nicky flowers

broodypsycho Mon 26-Dec-16 17:36:04

Hello OP. I feel the same way, ive been trying now for over 2 years. test came back and I have polycystic ovaries but I don't have the syndrome. I ovulate regularly and have regular periods so docs said theres no reason why I'm not getting pregnant. I think a lot of unexplained can be explained through ivf as they take it step by step. Also its common to have ivf then fall pregnant naturally soon after, our bodies just might need that kick up the bum! I hope it happens for you.

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