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4 and a half years of trying..Anyone got any tips to give the Docs a kick?

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HollyMay84 Tue 13-Dec-16 15:23:25

I wrote everything down before but it turned into what only can be described as a small book lol So long story short:

We have been ttc for 4 and a half years, we both have children from previous marriages. I'm 32 and OH is 35. I have very irregular cycles, and have been diagnosed with pcos.

So onto the crap bit sad We have had 1 mc at 6wks and 3 mmc, 13wks, 19wks and 10wks.

We started being being investigated after the 19wks mmc but we got preg again then we started getting fobbed off by the docs after we lost that one at 10wks. I got so upset after all that so we decided to have a "break" for a bit.

Onto the good bit smile 6mths on we have decided to start trying again next cycle.

So what i was wondering is what to expect really. Tests? scans? procedures? I know we can't get into the rmc clinic in London. So was just wondering what our choices were and how we can give them docs a good old kick grin

Marmiteontoast76 Sun 18-Dec-16 15:07:01

Hi Holly, sorry to hear about your losses. Like you, my dh and I already have dcs, but last year suffered two second trimester losses and the nhs found nothing apart from slightly raised TSH thyroid level. We knew something must have caused the losses so we went for private testing with an endocrinologist and also the Miscarriage Clinic in Epsom. Tests were expensive (2k) but we found out the causes and have been given a plan in case we want to try again (although too scared).

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